Carry Your Money In Rhythm With Navajo Coin Purses Bearing Intriguing Elements Of Dance

The Navajo culture seethes with a variety of spiritual concepts and elements. There are legends and beliefs of separate worlds that act as layers through which every individual must pass in order to land on this world that we see around us. The Navajos believe that there are two kinds of people that exist, one, those who belong to the Earth i.e. Earth People and two, the ones associated with the divine i.e. the Holy People. And at the core of all their practices lies the need to strike and maintain a balance. This balance not only needs to be between the Earth People and the Holy People but also between Mother Nature and man, every aspect of everyday life and more. The consequence is expected to be vitality and peace. This spiritual journey is embarked upon through many mediums like art, music and dance.

Ceremonial, religious and spiritual dances of the Navajos are of many kinds and emphasize the power of the spiritual being. The tradition includes a set of public performances that are distinct from those of a more sacred nature. That is the reason why there can be multiple dance elements and forms that are seen depicted in Navajo arts and crafts as well, even to this day. Considering the modernization of their art forms, it is not unnatural to find these elements making their way into modern fabrics and accessories in several creative forms. One such example lies in the novel designs found in Navajo coin purses, which, apart from rich conventional aesthetics, also bear rhythmic forms that are highly suggestive of the natives moving in tune with a beat.

Navajo art on a coin purse is quite usual and is characterized by bold lines and a riot of vibrant color combinations, beadwork and other forms of surface ornamentation. When it comes to the traditional dance elements, you can find abstract images that denote enthusiastic dancers, a group of female dancers, male dancers, a circle of ritualistic chanting, poetic illustrations and a lot more. In other words, a basic coin purse turns into something extremely beautiful with a touch of this Native American taste. Interestingly, you may be surprised at the figures that are clearly hard to interpret as any kind of dancing. However, one should not forget the very beauty of these traditional cultural styles that the natives have successfully nurtured even to this day.

Author’s bio: The author is a blogger. This article is about Navajo coin purses.