What Went Wrong

Going down memory lane, there was a very petite yellow house in a small town which once had a beautiful small family living in. Just two very young loving parents raising a little girl. The parents made everything seem okay every second of everyday. The family seemed happy, family always in and out of that small yellow house. They got a beautiful german shepherd puppy to make the family feel complete for their little girl. And eventually know one knew what went wrong, not even their daughter.

That little girl’s name was Jasmin, she had medium length curly hair and very tall for her age. Jasmin knew she was loved. Her parents would even tuck her into her bed every night and close the door on their way out. Her mom and dad spoiled her with every little thing she ever wanted as a child. Even if her parents were struggling they always found away to make her happy. Jasmin loved the feeling of being with her parents, it gave her a sense of warmth. She was so in love with her mom and dad’s relationship, she started imagining what she wanted when she grew up, to be just like her parents. She grew up in that house till about the age of 9 thinking everything was perfect.

I would say her family was a middle class family. Jasmin’s mom and dad surprisingly had her as young teenagers. At the time, her mother was still going to college to pursue nursing and also worked at a gas station at the same time to make ends meet. Jasmin’s father was a manager at KFC fast food restaurant and shortly after got a great job offer as a supervisor for a big factory for his family. Jasmin’s father was always a traditional guy when it came to the real world. Once Jasmin’s mom got her degree, her career took off. She became a manager of three whole clinics. Her mother loved change. Jasmin’s father started working the night shifts so that he could watch Jasmin when her mother went to school and work. Even though they were both super busy with work and school they still always made Jasmin their first priority. If Jasmin was sick, one of them would sacrifice either school or work to take care of their daughter. Even though she was a single child, there was not a day that would go by that Jasmin would feel left alone. Yajaira, her mother and Mark, her father never seemed or even talked about wanting to bring another child into their family.

Jasmin went to school nearby the small home and eventually made friends. She was maybe in the third grade when she started staying at her friends longer and longer after school. Her mom had a rule though, that she could not do anything after school until she finished all of her homework, Jasmin hated it. Her parents always encouraged her that school always came first but also to have some fun. Eventually her parents started realizing everything seemed to feel better when Jasmin was around the home, so they started telling her she couldn’t go to her friends house. They were holding on to her, as if something was missing from the puzzle. Jasmin noticed that both her mom and dad were working a lot more than usual. They were not home together as often as expected. And at the age of around eight, her parents did not tuck her into her bed anymore, together at least. She knew something was going on and she didn’t like it.

They didn’t look at each other the same way Jasmin remembered anymore. She sadly kept to herself about what she was feeling about the situation. Mark and Yajaira started noticing a change in Jasmins tone of voice when she spoke to them, but they still didn’t know why she was acting the way she was. Jasmin started becoming friends with many people to get her mind off things. But she also started acting out in school, getting bad grades, talking back to the teacher, and not doing her homework. Her parents still didn’t know what was going on. They didn’t even have a clue to what Jasmin was noticing of them.

It got worse.

Jasmin came home from school one day to her father crying, sitting on the kitchen table. When he seen Jasmin walk through the doors he quickly fixed his self up. Jasmin was heartbroken, but pretended that she didn’t notice. Her mom started coming home from work in a terrible mood. Mark and Yajaira, they didn’t even look at each other in the eyes anymore. Jasmin knew something was going on, but didn’t want to accept it. She thought maybe it was just a dream or a terrible phase her parents were going through.

One following weekend Jasmin woke up with her parents asking to talk. Her heart sunk, she wasn’t ready for whatever they had to say to her. They sat her down and said “We are not happy anymore”. Her dad explained to her saying that he tried to work things out, that this was the last thing he ever wanted to happen to their once beautiful family. But her mother on the other hand, she wanted a change. My heart was broken into pieces. It felt like the world crashed. I was no longer in love with my parents relationship. That petite yellow home no longer had a beautiful family inside.

What happen with my parents? Till this day I still wonder what went wrong, but from what they have told me, sounds a lot like generous orthodoxy. Throughout my life they’ve sacrificed things in their lives for me. My father was more of a traditional guy, he didn’t want to give up, which looks a lot like orthodoxy to me. My mother? Well she was ready for a change, ready to experience life with someone else rather than my father and because of that my mom was very generous in a different way. I’ve learned, being generous isn’t always a good thing.

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