5 Ways To Make The Morning Commute Slightly Less Awful

Whether you take the BART, Muni, Metro, Transit, or local buses, I can just about guarantee that you hate your public transportation commute — especially in the mornings. It’s crowded. You’re half asleep, still waiting for the coffee to kick in. No idea what the conductor is saying over the speaker, as far as you can tell it’s some made up gibberish language. That homeless man is shouting that he was just wondering if anyone could help out him and his (not present) eight and a half year old son, because they were twelve, no, seventeen dollars short when they tried to get a hotel last night and he just needs to get some rest, but you can tell by the puncture wounds on the inside part of his elbow that something about that story doesn’t sound right; plus you’re not entirely sure you remembered to pick your wallet up off the counter when you left the house. Your shoes are already uncomfortable as your heal is starting to blister or your sock is sliding halfway off your foot inside the shoe. There is the most repugnant scent, a mixture of urine, a ham and cheese breakfast sandwiches, and an excessive amount of cologne, with just a hint of salt water ocean body spray, has conjured up and you don’t know what part of it is making you feel more nauseous. It sucks. You’re not debating if you should just say screw it and pry the doors open and fling yourself out of that chamber of torture.

Instead of plunging to your inevitable injury or possible death, try to spice it up a bit and fake looking at the bright side of it until there is one. 
It’s simple-ish.

  1. Play a game with yourself.
    No, don’t play with yourself. Come up with a game like how many people are wearing mix matched socks? How many people will get off at each stop? Are there more blondes or brunettes? Anything to keep your mind busy.
  2. Make a joke.
    All of those awful, yet hilarious, thoughts that are running through your head have crossed someone else's mind too. Say whatever it is out loud. If you make at least one person laugh or smile then congrats you’ve improved the morning of at least two.
  3. Talk to one new stranger
    Be it a new person every day or every week, talk to strangers. Everyone has a story and you can learn from everyone. No one is better than you and you are better than no one, we are all just different so don’t be afraid to chat up anyone. Networking is always good.
  4. Meditate
    This is probably somehow one of the most stressful times of your day, no matter what your job is. Pop your headphones in play some tunes or don’t, and focus on your breathing. In. Out. In. Out. Notice your chest rise and fall. Clear your mind. Only focus on the one thing. Breathing. You’re alive right now think of how awesome that is.
  5. Be that person
    Stretch. Sing. Talk to yourself. Go over your schedule. Play your music. Do whatever you want. Literally everyone hates it. Beat the misery. Be weird. Who gives a flying fish over what the other people think. It’s too early and the ride is too long to bother acting like it’s not completely dreadful. Make it exciting.

When all else fails, find other means of commuting.

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