How Audiobooks Surprised Me

Reading has always been a true joy for me and when I traveled often for work, the plane was a perfect undistracted place to really get into a book. When I stopped flying every day, undistracted reading was relegated to the few times a year I was on a beach. Then, a few months ago, I finally got an Audible account and have been on a learning binge ever since! Unexpectedly, listening to audiobooks has had the effect of speeding up my growth. Not only have I averaged one audiobook a week, I’ve begun reading Kindle books and old school printed books at a much faster pace.

The unexpected thing was that audiobooks triggered me to dive back into reading text and moving between the two has speed everything up. I read faster, comprehend faster and connect the dots to new ideas faster; I’m even writing faster and more often!

I have no clue if listening to audiobooks will have the same effect on you but I definitely encourage you to find out! When you’re shopping Amazon’s Prime Day, try out Audible and in a few weeks let me know if it has a similar effect on your learning and growth.

By the way, my favorite audiobooks so far are