How outside salespeople (like Realtors!) can stay productive when the weather sucks

When I was a young salesman I would express worry to my coach in December that business would fall off and my income would suffer. His advice was not to worry about December, because in real estate, it’s the work we do in October and November that affects December’s income. Then he gave me one objective: get booked. Specifically, he guided me to ramp up my lead generation efforts and make sure that I had as many appointments as possible scheduled for January. That advice served me well over the years and eventually, I learned to apply it in many other ways, one of which was when the weather sucked.

If we’re in for several days of soaking rain, Realtors won’t be showing houses and buyers won’t be exploring open houses like usual, which leaves us with two choices:

  1. wait for the weather to pass or,
  2. get booked.

Over the next few days, our regular patterns will be interrupted, meaning it may be easier to reach people you’ve struggled to connect with in the past. For a lead generating salesperson, that’s fantastic news! Here are some ways you can use the storm surge to create a productivity surge!

This would totally be me 😂
  • Call leads that have been putting you off
  • Text people who haven’t answered the phone in a while
  • Send a nine word email: “Are you still thinking of buying a home soon?” or “Are you still thinking of selling your home soon?”
  • Call everyone in your book of business to reconnect and specifically, ask for a referral. “Who do you know who’s had major life change? Baby, marriage, divorce, etc.” Life change often triggers a move
  • Proactively look for life change on social media and send anyone in the middle of a change a message
  • Start sending unsolicited testimonials to people you’re connected with on LinkedIn. Every time you do that, it’s shows up as a pleasant surprise and LinkedIn will guilt trip them into writing one for you in return! 😂
  • Set up coffee appointments with your “A” clients
  • Send out those postcards you’ve been meaning to send
  • Create the Facebook or other social media ad you’ve been meaning to create
  • Look for infographics or articles to share. When you share them, pose a question to your audience asking for their opinion. Try to get a conversation going
  • Send the email newsletter to your book of business you’ve put off
  • Start chats through Facebook messenger and get yourself into conversations about real estate

And in the category of “productive but not direct lead generation”:

  • Read that motivational book you’ve been meaning to start. Here’s a list of some of my favorites.
  • Consider an Audible membership. Seriously, I recently signed up and have no clue how I managed this long without it. My time spent learning has gone through the roof because of audio books!
  • Use the time to organize your receipts and financial records
  • Audit your database. Is everyone in the right category? Is anyone missing? Should anyone be deleted? Is any data on individuals missing?
  • Research the geographical farm you’ve been considering
  • Update yourself on market data in your area of specialty
  • Catch up on your favorite podcast
  • Clean up your blog or Facebook page or website

Or, if you’re on track to hit your goals, have been busting your butt and have appointments already on the books, take the time to completely unplug so you’re refreshed for your clients when the sun returns! ☀️😎