Just switch the name from Trump to Obama and you’ve nailed it.
Steve Negri

This argument always grates against my desire to see critical thought in online discourse. Equating Obama and Trump is so irresponsible. Your problems with Obama are largely subjective matters of political policy at best — some of which I share. At worst they come off as childish reactions to not getting your way — the very same claims that the Right lobs at the “snowflakes” on the Left. The problems most (and I mean a large majority) Americans have with Trump are more objective in nature. He is attacking core values of free media and speech, telling us that things we can clearly see are false; he is attacking truth in an attempt to undermine dissent. That is what this piece is about.

Words like honorable, well-spoken, decent, intelligent, empathetic all accurately describe our 44th President. Not a single one of those words accurately describes our 45th President. And that matters to me. While I know it is not a prerequisite, I don’t think it is too much to ask that a Chief Executive be a decent human being.

“While Obama was creating the problems that Trump has been hired to fix…” This notion that Obama, alone, created the vast problems that afflict middle America is also unfounded and irresponsible. The debt growth can partly be tied to the recession Obama inherited in 2008.

“As much as we despised Obama, we did not attempt to remove him from office.” You didn’t because there would have been no support or grounds on which to do so. We have articles of impeachment for good reason and, believe me, I do not relish the idea of removing Trump from office, as I think it will do greater harm to the country and the office of the Presidency. However, I also think Trump is actively, and continually, doing harm to the Presidency and the country with every completely avoidable misstep.