Monerobox 2.0

MoneroBox aims to be a zero-configuration, plug-and-play Monero full node. It is running Linux on a Rock64 Single-Board-Computer. Monero daemon and web UI for management and monitoring are running on the host OS. These applications are packaged as deb packages and software update system uses the “unattended-upgrades” which pull and install new deb packages from APT repository.

Monerobox 2.0 has new architecture: applications such as monero daemon and web UI are now running as docker containers. The advantage of containerization are:

  • avoid polluting the host OS: applications are running in their own containers, adding or removing a new application such as tor is as simple as downloading or removing a container. It does not affect system-wide configuration on host OS.
  • consistent environment: container gives the same runtime environment (such as specific software version and library) to developers and monerobox users, which reduces the chance of bugs caused by difference of runtime environment.

Monerobox 2.0 has the following containers:

  • manager: responsible for pulling new docker images from docker hub and restart containers
  • tor: provides anonymous communication for monero daemon
  • monerod: the monero daemon that download and verify blockchain and provide RPC service for mobile wallets. All traffic go through the tor service
  • web: the web UI providing monitoring and admin functionality.

Monerobox can be purchased at

Docker containers can be found at

Source code can be found at

Instructions to build you own monerobox: