The Most Important Principle of a Healthy Organization

If you work with people in an organization, you are under this principle.

Healthy organizations see people as people.

Unhealthy organizations:

  • see people has roles, rather than people.
  • emphasize titles rather than character.
  • see head counts as numbers instead of lives that have hopes and dreams.
  • have leaders that walk the halls out of duty rather than genuine care.
  • define people by what they do rather than who they are.
  • use responsibilities to label people rather than using responsibilities to grow them.
  • have leaders that sacrifice the lowest positions instead of sacrificing themselves first.

Behind every person is a story. It’s a story that shaped who they are today. Not knowing their story is the easiest sign of that you don’t see people as people.

If you’re a leader, it starts with you. Don’t look people in the eye and pretend you care about them, but have the inner resolve to genuinely see people as people.

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