… But You Can’t Run Away From Yourself.
Wil Wheaton

Keep it up, Wil!

As one of those people with lifelong systemic illnesses, it sucks not to even be able to attempt the type of exercise you’re doing; but here’s the big difference – people with chronic health problems are accustomed to dealing with pain and adversity. When my healthy-as-a-horse wife, Lisa, gets sick or injures herself, she always feels guilty complaining about it or showing any sign of struggle. Psychologically, it’s more difficult to cope with new and sudden pain than constant pain that’s been with you since childhood.

Ageing sucks for all of us. My over-the-hill body frustrates me more than I care to admit, but here’s where the tables turn: Lisa (who is quite a bit older than me) always tells me it’s not the age that matters – it’s simply a different psychological barrier to overcome. The important thing is to not let it get to you. Keep active; improve your diet; take as much care of your older, married, tired body as you did when you were young, virile, and looking to date. In short, exactly what you’re doing.

Don’t let this small stumbling block slow you down. Your chronicle is, honestly, an inspiration to many of us out here in readerland. While I may find myself jealous of even your training runs, I am also cheering on your progress and motivated to make some of my own.

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