Monthly updates from the MetaMask Team

MetaMask Website looking foxier then ever!

Monthly updates from the MetaMask Team

We are looking for Senior Mobile Developer!

Starting on December 3rd, 2019 we started rolling out MetaMask version 7.7.0 on the extension. We normally release to a small set of users to first to test the waters and in this case 20% of Chrome users received the update when we were notified of a behavior that was confusing many users.

This change had to do with a MetaMask feature we first described in August as EIP 2255: Web3 Wallet Permissions. …

Monthly updates from the MetaMask Team

Web3 Permissions Rolling Out: Sites Now Remember What Account You Connected With

Since the beginning of web3 browsers, there have been issues where there were privacy implications with logging into a site that were not obviously apparent.

Last year we began tackling these issues with EIP 1102 privacy-mode, which means only sites you’ve “Connected” to are able to see your current account, but this still left a problem open, where every site you connected to could see any account you “selected” within MetaMask
As of Version 7.7.0, MetaMask is finally closing this long standing issue with the first release of our web3 permissions system.

First specified in August via EIP 2255, our…

Monthly updates from the MetaMask Team

This month was an action packed month for MetaMask! The team had the pleasure of speaking at DevCon 5 in Osaka Japan. Here we shared some exciting announcements, and shed light on the direction we believe the future of web3 is headed.

Monthly updates from the MetaMask Team

Introducing Web3 Permissions

We believe the blockchain ecosystem needs to fix its consent experience once and for all. The days of repeated confirmations to complete simple tasks in an application are officially numbered. Read our recent detailed article Here.

In short we’ve implemented a new permissions framework for use with a branch of MetaMask that works with a sample dapp using our new permissions API. The prototype we share here is roughly equivalent to a pre-authenticated version of OCAP-LD. It looks something like this:

We have built this permissions system so that new restricted methods can be added easily. In other words…

MetaMask Mobile Beta App is now available!

On July 22 we released the Beta of MetaMask Mobile and the community went wild! With just under 10,000 signups in the first week and all the positive sentiments received, the past 9 months of work from our team felt like a huge payoff. You can read about all the included features → HERE.

If you haven’t received a link to download the app you can find the links for iOS and Android → HERE

This is just a beta version of the app, and we need your feedback to improve! So please use the ‘Send Feedback’ button from within…

This is an exciting day for us all! We told you all last year at Devcon 4 (About 9 months ago) that we wanted to build a MetaMask Mobile application, and today we’re ready to launch the app in a Public Beta version. Over the next couple months, we’ll use this Beta to gather feedback from the community before our V1 launch this fall.

To try MetaMask Mobile today, go to on your device!

Rather than just another wallet, MetaMask Mobile is a bridge to the decentralized web, with a dapp-centric browsing experience, intuitive on-boarding, and features that sync…

New Privacy Mode UI

This security feature that was enabled by default a few months ago required websites to ask user to see their Ethereum accounts. Our design team has been cooking up some rather sleek designs on this new improvement. We are proud to keep users safe, informed, and in control at all times.

When interacting with sites that don’t use privacy mode correctly, we’re looking to make it easier to log in, without having to turn off privacy mode across the entire app

Jason Lee

Advocate for Blockchain Tech. BizDev and Community at @metamask_io and @ConsenSys

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