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Construction Sights

Working at a construction site grants me the opportunity to see things that most people never will, and that most who do see will never particularly appreciate.

At what point, I wonder, do we make that transition from “a thing” to “things” to “stuff?”

Are these flash beads, or is this a pile or a puddle?

How about this? Rust spots on iron.

Does “art” require an “artist?”

Can you gauge the perspective differentials? Can you see distance in a 2D photograph when the picture is not of things, but of contrasts?

Tell me: is it imperfect? Is it beautiful?

Do you feel compelled to force familiarity upon it? “It looks like a…”

What about this one? The perspective is, perhaps, more familiar, but still, does the need to make it be something you’ve experienced overwhelm your appreciation of the simple sight of it?

Three items, overlaid. Contrary to what our minds will create here, these three items are, in every way, right down to their molecular composition, identical. Why, then, the visual difference? Or maybe we could just look, see, and appreciate it for what it is. Does it have beauty? Does it need it?

No painter. No artist. What you see is what it is, as nature manifests on worked metal.

Absolutely, completely unique, and already changed since the photo was taken, none of these visuals exist anymore. Thank you for indulging me their enjoyment.

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