I’m currently learning promises in JavaScript. This knowledge is dependent upon knowledge of callbacks which is in turn dependent on knowledge of functions. This is dependent on knowledge of JavaScript itself. This is dependent on general programming understanding. This is dependent on understanding of logic. Upon maths. Upon communication. Upon reading and writing. Upon words. Upon the alphabet. Upon shapes. Upon edges. Upon visual recognition. Upon being born. Upon my parents. Upon their parents. Upon humanity going back generations. Upon neanderthal man. Upon apes. Upon mammals. Upon single cell organisms. Upon the formation of the Earth. Upon the formation of the sun. Upon the formation of the accretion disc. Upon a Supernova. Upon a giant star being born. Upon a nebula being formed. Upon the big bang. And here I am at the pointy end with promises. Up on a ladder so high I get dizzy.

I was trying to understand merge sort. And I failed. Miserably. The problem was I was trying to understand the algorithm by my usual method of line by line printing variables to the console. This was fine until about half way through when it all fell apart.

The merge sort function was seemingly getting values out of thin air and it made no sense… Until I understood recursion.

Here is a video where I try and explain it.

Thanks to my son Marshall for being the cameraman!


I’ve had back surgery. Ugh. But I’ve not been idle. I decided to spend my recovery time making some CSS art so here’s my first attempt.

If you don’t have kids, you’re probably not familiar with Bluey but it’s a really great Australian kids cartoon. It follows the story of a family made up of Mum, Dad, and daughters Bluey and Bingo. Every character is a dog and they are very relatable and funny.

I’m pretty happy with my effort. It took me 2 days and was a lot of fun.

Here’s the picture I copied from on the left next to my CSS art on the right:

I arrived in online class early. I was the first one there for @BlueCodeThree (Carlie Hamilton) talking about Vim. Why Vim? I thought. It’s just a text editor. Vim, Nano, they’re all pretty much the same right? Oh boy was I wrong. An hour later and my mind was blown.

I’ve been having issues with my mouse jumping and scrolling around like a rodent on caffeine. It’s been very annoying. I even changed mice and to my dismay, it still happens so the issue is more deeply rooted in the computer. I even turned off the track-pad but it doesn’t…

On my Ruby Uno clone called One…

I’ve now completed the AI part of the project. There were some bits that were harder than others and some bits that were easier. I also managed to include the full functionality of the previous version so now you can play a pickup 2 over the top of another pickup 2 (same with pickup 4).

I think the hardest part of designing the AI was figuring out how to start. I wrote and rewrote pages of pseudo code and diagrams over and over. It wasn’t until I actually started coding properly that I…

Just as Keanu was the One, so is my Ruby Uno program called One. The human player side is done, I’ve refactored the code into a more OOP style and brought back all the functionality of my original program. Now its time to have some real fun.

I’m dipping my toe into the matrix for the first time and creating an AI. Three actually.

I figure I can go about this AI two ways. The first by creating a bunch of ‘if’ statements such that - if you have the option of a matching colour or number, choose the colour…

Trying a video this time. Watch the video and then this makes a bit more sense.

Test Driven Development (TDD) is what we learned about this week and apparently its important.

Sounds crazy but you start with the test data and write the program after that. Well I didn’t know about it and started my program without test data. The good thing is though is that I haven’t finished writing the code and I haven’t actually started the implementation of the AI. So I can start the implementation of the AI with TDD in mind.

So here goes. Test…

A card game for my son.

For the last few weeks, my son Marshall has really taken a shine to the card game Uno. We play as many games we can fit in before he goes to bed. This has meant that I have become somewhat of an expert (and so has he).

It’s a fairly simple game as far as strategy goes and it got me thinking that it would make it a really good project to try and replicate in code. Obviously, it’s been done before. There are several examples of well executed Uno games available online but Marshall and I play our own…

Firstly, don’t get me wrong, we have a cat, I love cats. She’s old and she throws up every second day but I would never hurt her. I’ve seen what the internet does to people who #$%* with cats…

I am of course referring to the expression “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” And we’re talking about Ruby code here. You could even Rubify it (if that’s a word) — “There’s more than one way to cut a Ruby.” It could also apply to other languages too… “There’s more than one way to catch a Python.” or…

After my first week of coder academy, I was introduced to the command line. Pretty cool stuff but it doesn’t come naturally to Windows.

The good people at my Coder Academy course suggested running a virtual machine to run Linux. Sounds like a reasonable idea. However while attempting to install Ubuntu onto my laptop, on a virtual box, I ran into some problems. The keyboard refused to work half way into the install. After trawling the internet for solutions, I came across a few people with the same issues. Unfortunately none of the solutions seemed to be getting me anywhere…

Jason Stacy

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