Hello world.

I’d like to introduce you to somebody. This is Edgar. He’s my son and he means the world to me. I’m currently a stay at home dad, which makes my family a one income family. It makes things difficult for us, but my family wouldn’t have things any other way as it is extremely important to my wife and I that one of us stays at home to raise the little guy.

Unfortunately this has made things extremely tight for us. My wife and I have learned to live on a strict budget and rarely spend money on things that are not essential. Many moons ago I used to work as a back end web developer, and since being at home I’ve been working on my programming skills. The end goal would be to do some freelancing or get remote contract work so that I can ease our financial burdens while continuing to be at home to take care of Edgar.

To this end I recently took a course with Rmotr on advanced Python programming which was excellent and helped quickly push me past where I had gotten on my own. Fortunately for our financial situation Rmotr was gracious enough to supply me with a scholarship for that course.

I’ve recently applied for Rmotr’s Web Development with Django course to further move myself towards that end goal of being able to continue to stay home to take care of my son while being able to help provide for my family. Hopefully with the knowledge from that course I’ll be closer to attaining that dream.