It’s Time For YOU To Resurrect

Easter, as we all know it, is the day where the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Families gather together for church services, afternoon meals, and bonding. Kids enjoy searching for those easter eggs and waiting for that visit from the Easter Bunny (Yes, adults too). It’s just one of those days where we feel good about living.

Today we are inspired by one man’s ability to do what the world thought was impossible.

But why stop there with the celebration?

Today is also the celebration of the resurrection of the lives of thousands of people who have come back from their own “death”. Of course, I hope you realize that I’m not talking about death in the physical sense, but rather in the emotional and spiritual senses. We don’t talk enough about what goes on inside of us and I think it’s worth talking about because I believe that it’s difficult to live a fulfilled life when you are dead on the inside.

But, what does it really mean to be dead on the inside?

Well, I think if you surveyed one hundred people with this question, you are going to get a wide variety of answers. But, if I had to provide my take on it it would go something like this-

There was a point in many of our lives where we believed that we were destined to do great things. We were going to change the world and not look back. We were comfortable in our own skin and proud to be the person that we have become and were excited of what we could become in the future. However, for many of us, there was an event either early on in life or later on that changed everything. Perhaps someone told you to “get real” or perhaps your self-talk convinced you that you were no longer good enough. Maybe you got judged or made fun of for being yourself. Maybe you messed up and were scolded instead of using that as a teachable moment for you to grow. I don’t know what it was for you and I’m sure for many, the story goes deeper, but whatever that moment was in our respective lives, I feel that particular moment symbolized death for a lot of us. All the potential that was within us all just got pushed into the dirt because of that particular moment or event, which then left us asking the all important question:

Why Am I Here?

And, that’s the core of being dead on the inside. For me, it comes down to not understanding why you are living. When we are able to answer that question with conviction, only then do we truly begin to live. I believe that the two most important days in the life of a human being are:

  1. The day they are born


2. The day they find out why

Unfortunately, for many, what ends up happening is that they tip-toe quietly through their life; hoping that no one bothers them; and hoping that they can just get through the day until they arrive quietly to their grave having lived the biggest pain- the pain of regret.

But, I am inspired to reach out to those that may be a living a life where they feel like they are spiritually and emotionally dead because today you can make a decision to resurrect your life just like Jesus Christ did and just like thousands of people all around the world have done. I challenge you to be proactive in figuring out why you are here and then get after it.

I know people who have resurrected from abuse, racism, limiting beliefs, fear, doubts, chronic illnesses, bullying, crime, accidents, heartbreak, poverty, homelessness, betrayal, financial setbacks, and I can go on.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life right now. If you feel like you are “dead” in your life, please know that it’s okay because you are not alone and whether you use Jesus Christ as your inspiration or someone else, I want you to understand that it is possible to rise again from whatever setback you have been facing or currently face in your life. It has been done and if anyONE can do it, then anyBODY can do it, including you.

And so, on this Easter, may we celebrate the resurrection of THE MAN himself that occurred on this day, and the resurrection of the men and women on this planet who at some point lost themselves but made the decision to rise again. I ask that you share your story of resurrection to those that feel lost in their life because I believe that among the many that feel like they are dead and have no purpose, we will find some of the greatest individuals yet to take the world by storm. We need them and we can only bring their potential to light if we can show them that it’s possible to rise again.

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