8 Wondrous Plants to Keep Mosquitoes Away!

There are plenty of us who enjoy sitting in their gardens or balconies during the hot summer days and cool summer nights. But, nothing is perfect, and in this case, it is those pesky bloodsuckers who are out to get us and ruin our relaxation time.

No, we don’t mean vampires. We mean mosquitoes and their relentless pursuit of having a meal on our skin. And since the summer weather is plenty hot as it is, covering yourself from head to toe for protection is certainly not the best idea to come to mind.

So what then, just suffer in silence? Of course not! Have no fear, dear readers; we would like to provide you with a list of 8 plants which are extremely useful for many things, one of which is, yes, protecting us from mosquitoes.

Other than keeping the mosquitoes at bay, planting them or having them around in a pot only adds more beauty to your surroundings since they are pretty to look at too. Mosquito-repellent abilities and aesthetics?

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