Put Yourself in Your Customers Shoes
Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk 1st- thanks for sharing, 2nd- the empathy concept can really empower sales people throughout the sales process, not just presenting solutions. For instance, I coach my reps when making calls and sending emails to “put themselves in people’s shoes” If they got a cold call when they first sat down for the day, how would they feel? Or if they received a cheesy, “break-up” email that is totally unoriginal(like so many are now), would they respond? Where empathy gets really game-changing is when you are the critical middle stage of the sales process- somewhere between initial interest and closing. This is where I think the great sales people differentiate themselves. Empathy plays a big part here in how you follow up and how you manage expectations. I have a rule that I teach every rep- Imagine that you were a part of their team, literally you worked together at the company. As such, “How would your follow up message change?” and “Would you care about the outcomes for the client differently?” This is a good exercise to start to implement empathy into your day to day practice.

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