Barrier Light: Press Kit

Beautiful skin begins with your Barrier.


The Barrier Light is the easiest, most innovative way to measure and understand your skin. Made and designed in Seoul, South Korea, in the heart of K-Beauty’s booming, cutting-edge cosmetic industry, we’ve worked hard to bring you the smartest solution to uncover your skin’s needs at a deeper level.

After years of developing, testing, developing, and testing some more, we’re finally proud to share our product with you. This month, we’ll be launching the Barrier Light on Indiegogo so please support our campaign to help us deliver our product to the world!

Our Story

Created out of our desire to understand the best way to accurately track our skin’s condition, and discover which products and routines work best for us, we focused our efforts towards understanding the skin barrier, the outermost layer of the epidermis. Because of its importance, we’ve developed the best and most inexpensive way to measure the skin barrier. Containing technology that has only been previously used in research labs and hospitals, our device is built with four sensors of the most advanced skin sensor technology.

How it works

Using the Barrier Light is easy! Simply place the device to your skin for 10 seconds, and view your Barrier Score instantly from the MyBarrier app. With the data collected, we carefully analyze your score, take into account other elements such as temperature and humidity, alert you of harmful UV rays and environmental allergens, and offer tips tailored to your skin. Personalized guidance is delivered to you exactly when it matters, so you can start making the necessary adjustments, and take the mystery out of your daily skincare routine. Every time you measure your skin, you’re helping us help you.

The Barrier Light pairs with the MyBarrier app

Key Features

See a detailed analysis

Simply hold the Barrier Light to your skin’s surface for a deeper look at your skin’s moisture level and barrier strength.

Learn how effective your skin products are

See how your skin responds to products, and changes in your skincare routine or diet.

Monitor your progress

The MyBarrier app makes tracking simple and convenient. Each scan of the device yields a clear and comprehensive Barrier Score, taking into account moisture and environmental factors.

Take actions with tips from the community

We’re working with leading dermatologists, hospitals and research centers in both Korea and the US to support your journey towards healthier, more beautiful skin. Connect with others on the MyBarrier app by sharing your experiences and product reviews.

Our Technology

The four sensors featured on the Barrier Light bring together the most complete picture of your skin barrier, using a full range of analysis. Two sensors directly measure the skin’s current condition, while the other two measure environmental factors.

Our skin sensors measure two important biomarkers: 1) Transepidermal Water Loss, or TEWL, representing how well the skin holds onto moisture, and 2) Stratum Corneum Hydration, or SCH, meaning how much moisture the skin currently holds. To put it simply, as moisture escapes and the skin becomes dehydrated, the skin’s barrier becomes weaker, leaving it a target for harmful bacteria. It’s vital to protect this barrier, keeping it strong, healthy, and to prevent premature aging.

The final two sensors measure the temperature and humidity within the environment. These are the most important environmental factors when it comes to your skin barrier. For the most reliable data, it’s crucial that measurements aren’t made in environments that are too hot, cold, humid or dry.

What People Are Saying

“With the Barrier Light, you can realize your skin condition everywhere at any time. Based on your current skin condition, the tips from the app can help you know what you can do for your skin.” -Dr. Hyung Jun Kim, MD, PhD, Dermatologist

“In skin care and skin disease, continuous management is key and the Barrier Light is essential for that.” -Dr. Sekyoo Jeong, PhD, Skin Scientist

“For many years, I have been studying and researching better ways for people to manage their skin conditions. The Barrier Light is a huge step towards making skin care management smarter and more effective for everybody.” 
-Dr. Mao-Qiang Man

“The Barrier Light is great because now I can manage my skin faster and more effectively.” -S.H. Choi

“I don’t just use the Barrier Light for my face. I can use it to understand the skin on the rest of my body too.” -S.E. Yoo

“The Barrier Light makes managing my skin so much easier!” -S.N. Kwon

“I used this device on my face, and it turned out to be a lot drier than I had expected. What I felt and saw was different than reality. I was then able to make the necessary adjustments to my skin care routine thanks to the Barrier Light.” -H.J. Lee

“I began using this device for my baby daughter who has damaged skin. As I applied the creams for her, with the Barrier Light, I was able to monitor her skin getting better and better.” -J.S. Kim