Beginnings of a Blog

1 year into my role as an analyst at a growth equity firm and I have seen plenty of recommendations supporting the usefulness of maintaining some form of blog or online presence. Well as the time of August vacation hits and the weeks slow down a bit, I think it is time that I put to action some of the insights around blogging I have seen from thought leaders like Brad Feld, Fred Wilson, and Marc Andreessen.

To kick things off, I thought I would write down goals that I have for my blog/Medium posts over the next 12 months. In no particular order…

  • Trend Analysis: I currently cover fintech (primarily geared towards business use-cases) and enterprise software for a growth equity fund, which leads me everywhere from cybersecurity to marketing automation. I have had the privilege of learning about dozens of industries and hope that I can put some thought to words when it comes to emerging trends that I am seeing in my conversations with founders and CEOs.
  • Track History: I have also had the privilege of speaking with hundreds of founders/CEOs over the past year. I have come across some great companies and it is high time that I begin to create concrete investment theses around some of my favorites. Whether or not I am correct is less important to me. I’ll be excited to write about companies and then see where they are in 12 months.
  • Perspective: As a 23-year-old in the VC/growth equity space, I know I am not exactly the typical buy-side analyst. I have also started a venture and although we temporarily tabled the idea, I hope to include writings about my experiences from both sides of the table.

I’m excited for the journey that blogging presents but I don’t want it to be a solo experience. So please add your Comments, Likes, and Shares to the mix and let’s have a dialogue. Anything else you’d be interested in hearing from me? You can check out my background/bio on my Profile page.