The simple answer is yes, it’s possible. The complicated answer is yes, but you probably don’t want to

The Webflow code editor

As a designer, business owner, or any other non-coder, Webflow is an immensely empowering tool for building static marketing websites. However, if you’ve used Webflow for long enough, you’ve likely found yourself wishing that it let you go beyond building just a website.

In the real world, often we need web apps rather than websites. We may want to create digital products with membership areas, the ability to serve personalized content to clients, or other functionality that goes beyond Webflow’s capabilities.

I’ve spent a few years in the trenches using Webflow to build a variety of websites and web apps…

Recently I needed to set the Gmail signature for all the users in the business. I found a number of tools online to do this, but they all seemed bloated with subscription based features cost I simply can’t justify.

All I needed was an easy way to set our users’ signatures, so I set out to write my own utility to do this. I used Node.js to connect to the Gmail API using a Service Account Key. Below is an example of how I got this working.

TLDR: Scroll to the bottom if you just want to see the example…

So you want to get some data from Salesforce, quickly, cheaply and without managing any servers? You’re in luck! By using JSforce and Firebase Cloud Functions you can get up and running in no time!

1.0 Things you will need…

1.1 A Salesforce user account (you’ll use this as a service account)

First of all you will need a Salesforce user account with sufficient persmissions to query the data you need. If you’re the Salesforce admin then this shouldn’t be a problem, otherwise just find your Salesforce admin and ask him nicely. You will also need a password for this account, and depending on your Salesforce environment, you may need a security key too.

1.2 A Salesforce SOQL query

You will need to get the right SOQL query to return the data you need. This a a SQL like query that is used to query data in Salesforce. Workbench is a great tool to test out SOQL…

If you’re one of the few people on earth who need to connect to the Fortianalyzer XML API using Node.js, it’s your lucky day! Read on to see working examples of how I got this working.

Fortianalyzer in a nutshell

In the words of Fortinet themselves, “FortiAnalyzer offers centralized network security logging and reporting for the Fortinet Security Fabric”. At a very high level, it aggregates logs from a large number of managed Firewalls and presents them to you in one place. What you then do with this data is up to you, and this is where the XML API may come in.‍

Fortinet provides a Fortianalyzer XML API document here, but other than this you probably aren’t going to find much help online. I could not find working examples of code in any language. …

Sometimes working out which API method to use to connect to the Google APIs can be a bit confusing — let me help.

There are 3 methods to connect to the Google APIs:

  • A simple API key
  • A service account with a JSON or P12 private key
  • OAuth

But which method to use?

Which method to use depends on what you are trying to achieve. Without diving into great detail, let me explain the differences at a very high level;

  • Generally you would use the API key method to consume a Google API which provides you with a consumable service, for example the Google Maps API which provides you with Google Maps data,
  • OAuth enables anyone to give you some level of access to their data, for example a calendar SaaS app that integrates with your Google Calendar…

I’m going to show you how to:

  1. Let users to create an account on your site.
  2. Log in to your site with their account.
  3. Allow your users to update their profile information from their very own profile page.

And all of this within Webflow!

Update: This story is a little out of date now. I made a new video series on how to set this up here, but you can also see my original video series here.

I love Webflow.

No one else has nailed the WYSIWG thing quite like them. However no rose is without its thorn, and in the case of Webflow this is the lack of user authentication. “If only I could authenticate…

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