A very strange thought process you have young man, I pity you.

“A very strange thought process you have young man, I pity you. You allow your self to be limited by an inanimate object? You allow yourself to feel fear over exactly what about a gun? Is it the gun’s looks that scares you? Is it the black stock as opposed to wooden stocks? Is it the shape of the receiver group or hand guard? Are semi-automatic handguns more scary than a old western type revolver?”

Would you be fearful of sitting at the top of a 150-foot tree without safety equipment? A tree is just an inanimate object; what would scare you exactly? Its leaves? Its bark?

“It seems shootings require two components; a firearm, being used in a unlawful manner, and a shooter. I find it ironic to the point of absurdity the inanimate object gets the blame for illegal shootings.”

I don’t agree that people blame the gun. People blame weak laws that allowed the human shooter to so easily acquire a gun.

“If you dig deep enough you will find that a huge percentage of young male shooters (not Muslim radicals) are on some sort of meds like Ritalin during their formative teen years. These over medicated zombies are never taught to deal with real life’s issues, troubles and trials, they are in a drugged fog so they stop being boys and act like robots.”

We should be making it harder for such people to easily get access to firearms.

“After all these years, all the times I have pulled the trigger. I have never shot anything I did not intend to shoot and have never harmed a single human being while shooting.”

You are a responsible gun owner. You should not have your gun taken away from you. You have a right to bear arms. Nobody is arguing that guns should be banned altogether; that’s a knee-jerk response. But people like you, who have experience with handling a gun, should openly support more stringent gun laws that would keep them out of the hands of people that are high-risk for using them irresponsibly, and who don’t have the background and training that you do.

“I will not comply with any law that attempts to restrict my right to keep and bear arms. That is something folks like you need to consider, are you willing to kill me to disarm me?”

What if the law was “mandatory background checks” or “mandatory waiting period” before buying a new gun? Those laws wouldn’t stop you from keeping and bearing arms, but they might prevent other people, who are higher risk for using them criminally or irresponsibly, from doing so. Would you support such laws?

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