I would feel much safer than I do now on an airplane if I knew everyone was carrying a gun.
Bill St. Clair

That’s astounding, so far outside of my experience of the kinds of opinions that reasonable and sane people typically hold.

I would never, ever board a plane if I knew that every passenger was carrying a firearm. Or if I knew that the airline sold special bullets that wouldn’t damage the fuselage of the aircraft. I wouldn’t just feel less safe, I would feel absolutely terrified.

How about this thought experiment: what if everyone on board was carrying a nuclear device that they could easily detonate if they wanted to, killing everyone on board instantly? Would you hop on that plane? Would you expect everyone to be very, very polite, and would you feel safe? Or would you fear that someone just might be crazy enough to use the device?

Well, that’s how I would feel if I knew everyone had a gun.

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