Case Study // 2018

Client: Popdock

Duration: 3 Weeks

Role: Visual Designer, User Experience


Popdock is a service that allows users to connect an existing cloud service app to a central dashboard where they are able to compare data. They noticed many users are not engaging with the site after they sign up.

My team researched where customers were getting stuck and designed a solution to help them through the first step of connecting an app.

Our team would be successful if a Popdock user is able to:

  1. View the data from that app

How Did I Contribute

I was responsible for:

Downtown Austin has seen a surge of electric-powered scooters and startups looking to monetize them. After the launch of Lime and Bird during SXSW 2018, it was difficult to miss them scattered around. I was reminded of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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After a few days of observing other riders and asking people what their experiences were, I took the plunge. Today I was running slightly late so I used that as an excuse.

UX Design Portfolio || evaluation

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I have followed Johny Vino for some time and am always fascinated by his work. I am delighted to see updates to his portfolio, which he has made recently. As I begin projects of my own, I find myself digging through Johny’s rich body of work for inspiration.

How the Scrum process affects how I approach a project

Note: The following is a journal entry for a UX Design Immersive class at General Assembly.

Scrum is a collaboration framework designed to give order to the chaos of cross-functioning teams creating a single product. As we learned UX fundamentals, we initially completed solo projects and developed our individual workflow along the way.

As a team, there were different challenges: How do we divide the responsibility, how do we align with a single vision, how do we stay on task? Scrum offers solutions by clearing channels of communication and promoting accountability.

Prioritizing the Features That Matter Most to Dell Customers


Dell saw an opportunity to drive conversion with it’s business customers by offering them tools to manage their account and products. Their solution, however, was not streamlined for the customer it was intended for. Power users were fatigued by navigating around the site to do common tasks and felt that the experience wasn’t built with their needs as a priority.

Project Goal

Streamline the product management experience by consolidating the features that matter the most.

My Process

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Discovery >>Ideation >>Experience Design >>Visual Design

Using the Lean UX framework, I defined my persona in order to better understand my user.


Buying an iPad

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Product Page >> See how it works >> Buy >> Confirm >> Thank You

Here is a simple mockup of how a user might purchase an iPad. The user is engaged by an explainer video demonstrating how the product could be used. Because she has an account, she completes the process by clicking “Buy” and then “confirm.”

Buying Tickets

The Omni Hotel in downtown Austin is a center for professionals who are visiting and those who work in Capitol Factory, a startup hub, located on the 15th floor. Although their offices have basic coffee, employees frequent Peet’s in the lobby to satisfy their more refined tastes.

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“Three people cheering with iced coffee and lattes at Verve Coffee” by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


A new feature of the Omni Hotel app lets users order coffee from the selective menu of Peet’s coffee in the lobby. Employees can order using their unique employee ID and guests can charge to their room.

User Analysis

First I observe the flow of customers and record every piece of data I can gather about them. Some of the information is facts: how much they spend, the time of the total transaction, whether they pay with credit card or cash. Other data is assumptions I make: are they an employee of the hotel, guests or employees of Capitol Factory, whether they were familiar with the menu/baristas. …

In April, I will be one of 11 groomsman at a wedding in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. One groomsman lives in Seattle, one in Phoenix, I live in Austin and the rest are in NYC. The groom wants us all to wear matching tuxes. Luckily, we exist in an era of optimization — there is probably a service that meets this need. Go figure, a search for “online tux rental delivery” returns 4 options.

This is a good opportunity to explore a core principal of UX: trust. Specifically, how are elements of design used to gain brand equity to the point that I would use the service on my wedding day, or go as far as asking my wedding party to do the same? …

As technology marches on, futurists believe that our screens will be marching out. In their place, our operating systems “bleep, blop, blooping” in our earpods. This presents a unique challenge: How do we exhibit empathy through sound design?

In his audio essay, James Buckhouse, Founder of the Sequoia Creative Lab, reminds us that “being a designer is not enough. We must also act like artists and show what we know about being alive.”

As I enter the wild world of UX with a passion for sound design, I know I will be looking for opportunities to merge the two. There aren’t many employment opportunities for audio UX — yet.


Jason Kelley

UX / UI Designer || Sencha

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