June 12th, 2013 — Rosenhill Farm, Sweden

Thank you UCLA Film School — My classmates and Kris young.

Thank you Steel Horse — I will never forget our late night cycling shenanigans.

Thank you Tokyo to Osaka — What an unforgettable cycling trip through the rain and the mountains.

Thank you Cherng Loong Lion Dance Troupe — I grew up with you guys and I consider you my family.

Thank you High School Band — Especially Mr. Pleasure, you instilled in me my deep love for music, nurtured me, and believed in me.

Thank you High School Student Government — You really helped me break out of my shell.

Thank you High School Volleyball — I was just a benchwarmer, but I had the time of my life!

Thank you LA Street Dance Collective — You introduced me to the street dance world that has made my life so full and rich even up to this day.

Thank you Mark Kuroda — You started this entire photography thing for me.

Thank you 2b Management — You gave me the opportunity of a lifetime in the Big Apple and I am forever grateful.

Thank you Alumi — For being so encouraging in dance and in life to be myself.

Thank you Jeff Selby and Robyn — I wouldn’t be a HUSTLA without ya!

Thank you family for being so supportive in all this running around that I’ve been doing.

Thank you friends for the laughs and all the good times.

Thank you life.

by Jason Lam

Originally published at on June 12, 2013.