One of my biggest concerns is that as I’m looking for internships in user experience
Peek Inside a Facebook Design Critique
Tanner Christensen

This is the goal of Jon’s app. He’s not actually launching a product and going to market against Yelp. Y’all gave lots of great advice, but the crit was too focused on the relationship between business needs and features/functions at the expense of helping Jon understand the relationship between UX and visual design. More experienced designers see this continuum as all part of “design” but with student work the business case is usually a hypothetical (unless he really does want to build and launch this (which he shouldn’t)). So instead of grilling him on why he included X and Y features it would’ve been more productive to ask about why he prioritized X over Y feature on each screen. Why chose to show these screens? What are the goals of each screen?

I also like that the visual design advice boiled down to google 12 hot design tips.