Ben Carson: Ahistorical, A-sociological

“It is not fair for them[Trans people] to make everybody else uncomfortable, it’s one of the things that I don’t particularly like about the movement.”

I don’t think Ben Carson believes in any kind of social, historical, societal or cultural relativity. That anything of the type is equatable or that the past has anything to do with the present. As if “time heals all wounds” is an actual true adage, & a sacred, reliable tenet.

If Ben Carson were to be hungry, and then reminded he had skipped breakfast; Would he want to know how that could possibly have any relevance, pertaining to his current hunger?

What came to my mind, when Carson said Trans people make everybody uncomfortable; was Jackie Robinson’s account of the 1964 Republican National Convention. Where the African American delegates, seemed to make the White Republican delegates and attendees, at the very least, “uncomfortable.”

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