The Book of Lost Tales Part One, Chapter 3, Part B

The Coming of the Valar and the Building of Valinor — JRR Tolkien

At this time the world was dark, with the light unevenly strewn here and there and the Valar had trouble seeing. So Aule approached Melko and asked him to help them build great lamps to light the world, one in the North the other in the South. 
Melko agreed but lied and told them the poles were made of strong metal when really they were made of ice. Silver light was in the north and Golden light to the South. Manwe and Varda had lavishly gathered the light from the sky into the two lamps.

With their newfound light they began to explore the Blessed Realm and while they were far in the west they suddenly saw the two lamps flickering and fell and as they fell the waters rose about the island. The blaze of the light had melted the lamp posts and the melted water from the lamppost flooded the current waters making them deeper and adding cold areas to the “Shadowy Seas”. And the light held in the lamps flooded the ground and created fires and deserts and pools of brilliance.

This was called the first night. It seems from the text that the Valar were in danger from the Shadowy seas that “arose and sucked about their feet” — we know from the Silmarillion that when Valar and Maiar take Earthly / Physical forms they are subject to the same dangers of being in a flesh and bone costume. Osse, one of Ulmo’s Vassals, gathered up the Oarni (mermaids / spirits of the sea) and they dragged the Island the Valar were on till they came to Eruman.

The Valar continued looking for a place to build their home and they came toe Arvalin and saw a wide open space beyond. They gathered the mightest stones and reared huge mountains for defense and named it Valinor or The Land of the Gods. It took seven years for Aule to build the Taniquetil — the great holy mountain where Manwe and Varda would later build their home on its peak — the highest peak in Arda.

It seems once they had the mountains up and their defenses set up they relaxed. A select group of Valar would go out in the world and gathere gems and jewels that Aule would later use to adorn their city.

Now they had to deal with the lighting issue, Varda wanted to take more light from the Sky but Manwe did not allow it and instead asked Ulmo to gather the fire and pools of brilliance (from when the original lamps collapsed). He poured them into these two great cauldrons called Kulullin and Silindrin. The Valar then dug two great pits. In one Ulmo set seven rocks of gold from the most silent deeps of the sea, a fragment of the original lamp and was covered with Earth. Then Yavannah sang and danced and watered the mound.

Yet in the other pit hey put 3 huge pearls Osse found in the great sea and a small star Varda cast. They covered it with foam and mist and sprinkled light Earth upon it.

Seven hours later a tree of mighty stature sprouted and light spilled from tips of the clusters of gold flowers hanging like lamps of flame. They called the tree Laurelin and Lindeloske.

It had been twelve hours when the other pit began to sprout a yellow blaze. It was as white as pearls and it grew bigger than the other tree and the other tree was reduced in stature (like the moon) by its growth.

“Light is the sap of these trees, and their sap is light!”

Sentence of the Chapter:

“Already was the light that that tree gave wide and fair, but as the Valar gazed it put forth blossom in exceeding great profusion, so that all its boughs were hidden by long swaying clusters of gold flowers like a myriad hanging lamps of flame, and light spilled from the tips of these and splashed upon the ground with a sweet noise. Then did the Gods praise Vána”