An Open Letter Calling for the Termination of Dr. Andrea Quenette for Racial Discrimination
Amy Schumacher

I had to stop reading after the paragraph n-word, it was too much to bear. Cramming as many large words as possible into your letter does not make it more persuasive, it makes you look like an a-hole.

The whole premise that by this woman making that statement, she has committed an act of violence upon you and all black people at KU is ridiculous. Reading her quote, it seemed clear to me that her point was that when she sees graffiti like that, it does not cause her to fear for her safety. By bringing down the hammer like this over her use of an offensive word in merely describing a factual scenario is akin to everyone in the book Harry Potter being afraid to say the word Voldermort, its childish and, again, ridiculous.

This Super PC Police/SJW movement is literally eating itself — credit to JRE. You ask for a discussion to take place on this issue yet when someone attempts to do so and is clumsy and imperfect in her execution, you bring out the modern day lynch mob and string her up by her neck. You must see the irony here.

The problem is that even the smallest unintentional slight is viewed on the same level as a rape/murder. Shoot, this is way more strongly worded than anything I’ve seen admonishing any of the mass shooters this country has recently seen. I mean, I get it, those peoples’ actions are in and of themselves deplorable and there isn’t as much of a need to draw people’s attention to those acts, whereas here or with that Ivy league prof who was ousted by telling people to deal with it if their classmates dressed up as certain Disney characters for Halloween.

All of you SJWs need to gain a sense of relativity. The proper thing to do in this situation would have been to raise your hand and explain to her why you she was wrong to use that word in the class, then have an adult college discussion about the matter, it was not to go behind her back and cry to the administration that she’s the worse thing to happen to the black community since Emit Till.