Take It With A Grain Of Salt!

Be critical with the information you receive!

Dalhousie University, oh how I miss thee!

The most important lesson I learned in university was at the last possible moment, delivered by the keynote speaker at the convocation ceremony: Be skeptical!

Don’t believe everything you hear on the internet, on the news, or even your professor! Don’t believe them right off the bat, even they could be wrong. Be skeptical!

There are often more than one side, perhaps more than two sides to a story! When you hear about the benefits of a miracle food, a magical weight lost method, an indisputable government policy, or even the “crime” we branded on a foreign nation, be skeptical!

Real life is complicated! Work through the information you receive, do your own research, check the sources of the information and the references, piece together the whole story before you make a decision!

Take it with a grain of salt!