Facebook, the biggest move in healthcare. Ever.

I have been asked recently where I thought healthcare was going in our near future. For a while I have been working in tele-healthcare and wireless medical devices, all with visions of bringing care to those who need it, connecting us to real time healthcare monitoring and live information like we have never seen before. This is one tall order.

IOT Significant in Personal Healthcare

The great disruptive innovation in this whole process isn’t some monitor that checks your real time blood sugar, or one that can test 1000’s of lab tests with one drop of blood from a finger stick (whoops Theranos), but from a great roll up of these technologies by the leader in social networking. Facebook. Think about it. What if Facebook created a free patient portal with a smart global health care medical record. Providing everyone (like hospitals, doctors, and patients around the world) with an HMR (healthcare medical record) that was HIPPA and HITECH compliant. It would level the playing field for rural hospitals and docs, 2nd and 3rd world players, and be the biggest healthcare big data play ever.

Healthcare by Facebook. Think about it.

Every disease process could be gamified, social network supported, and linked to the greatest healthcare minds in the world in one place. Videoconferencing, telehealthcare, global consultations, and global access granted. This connectivity isn’t just about remote surgery but aspects much more constant and accessible.

Oh, and then we connect the greatest bluetooth enabled wearables to the network to do real time monitoring of disease and treatment, education, compliance, support, patient advocacy through friends and family. This is the ultimate leap frog, frame shift, and market shake up.

Some areas which deserve exploration:-

Epidemiological tracking like one tracks the weather. Crowd sourced environmental data to predict and prevent outbreaks or pollution related attacks. Human and animal medicine.

Global Infectious disease monitors that work like a storm alarm on a golf course.

Becoming the online pharmacy for the world.

One standard laboratory aggregator for testing.

Thus could also become a mainstream video counseling for psychological issues finally breaking the stigma of mental health.

“Cloud crowd” will be huge but key will be who is in charge and regulated legally or morally. This is a question few companies can address — Facebook could.

This is really assessing, regulating, and interpreting the terroir of the environment the people and the result.

It has the people and the demographic spread — old folks and young folks — all using it. It is family oriented and served my thesis on patient advocacy from a social network perspective. I see granny’s blood sugar and give her a big thumbs up!!!

Yes also AR and VR and lab testing and laboratory testing portals. Think about all of the USB enabled devices that could be placed inside Facebook and just accessed by a portal. Overnight a sensor someplace and book your ECG.

Yup. Facebook. The biggest health care medical record. Facebook the greatest telemedicine portal ever. Facebook the global epidemiological tracker.

Imagine tapping into the other senses through this portal, touch, smell, taste to engage and give emotional support or context.

1.71 Billion active users suggests Facebook is the medium. The medical framework can add the human element to the condition of being a patient — It offers love and support which is hugely powerful.

IoT leading with medical — blended with psychological and social.

So Mark give me a call. I am ready to work on this.

Jason A. Williams

GP — Full Tilt Capital

Founder — FastMed

Advisor — Innovations in Healthcare — Duke University