Why are we still putting up with scam ads and fake news stories?
Rob Leathern

Hey, Rob,

Thanks for this article…

People have asked me questions about how scam binary options software end up on news websites.

Here are two examples below:

“I have seen an advertisement on Yahoo for the Brit Method, and it makes it look legitimate.

If this is such a scam, then why should large web companies like Yahoo be allowed to advertise them as if they are genuine? Surely they are just as guilty as the company itself if people end up getting scammed”.

“Now, Donald trump US’s president says he traded using Cloud trader software. is he also telling lies? cloud trader is in fact legit and people does earn money from this software”.

Your post really did answer these questions in the most detail way possible.

I will refer this to my readers who are asking these questions.

Thanks again.

PS: Here are two of the articles:

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