Fun with Product Hunt

saying hello to an old friend — my experience with Product Hunt post hiatus

For the past 8–9 months I’ve been largely inactive from the startup scene, mainly due to changes in my personal life and the projects I’ve been working on. I’ve always loved Product Hunt though, and not having the time to use it and interact with other like minded individuals was slowly eating away at me.

Queue: — a fun project I’ve been working on that lets you interact with reddit via command line and the subject of my featured Product Hunt post. Let’s start!

The Interface

I’ll be honest, I don’t have an amazing memory so I can’t quite recall what Product Hunt looked like 9 months ago, but it wasn’t like this at all. Wow. The page really works to feature the product and highlight the important parts. Very slick — I can already see the maturation of PH’s branding and position. They’ve become their own self-sustaining entity in an incredibly short amount of time (relatively speaking).


I’m all about user/customer experience. Small personal touches like this are huge wins for me. Then they go and use a Batman TAS GIF which is my absolute favorite cartoon rendition of Batman ever, so that just put things over the top. No words.

The @ProductHunt twitter account itself seems to be part of the whole experience, as it helps to alert makers of a feature or locate them. I’m sure there’s some interesting automation flows running behind the scenes that I’d love to get more info on.

The exposure (results)

Oh yeah, that’s right — the main thing that attracts makers to Product Hunt. Well, okay if you insist.

One thing to keep in mind:

My submission wasn’t really a “product”. (which is why it’s grown on me so much. It’s been a long time since I’ve made something just for the hell of it) It’s just something I made for fun that I wanted to share with others. To confuse things more, it’s a web-based terminal emulator, so acquisition flow, conversion rates and normal stuff like that aren’t really applicable at all here. I mean look at it:

it’s like a time machine up in here

I guess what I’m saying is that my post wasn’t really traditional, so you probably shouldn’t rank or compare any other data too seriously against it :)

Okay, stats!

Pretty much what I had in mind — a very healthy spike on the day of the feature. reddit shell was listed in the #1 spot for about half of the day, and then the #2 spot for the rest of it and as of now it has about 335 votes.

But let’s forget about the data for a second… the best thing about Product Hunt isn’t the volume of visitors, it’s the quality of them. Product Hunt attracts some of the best minds in the startup world and what’s more, it encourages and excels at getting them to open up, share advice, give feedback, and most importantly: use your product.

I said it 9 months ago and I’ll say it again:

Product Hunt is essential to the startup world and provides invaluable feedback, exposure, and experience for founders, developers, and entrepreneurs of all ages and skill levels.

It’s also incredibly fun and exciting to see people that you look up to using and enjoying something that you’ve built — it adds an element of fun to an otherwise very difficult industry.

So that about wraps it up! I’m super impressed with Product Hunt as a whole and how much things have grown since I’ve been away. I’m very excited to see where things head and I hope to contribute more to the community in the future. Thank you Product Hunt for providing an essential piece to the startup puzzle.

I will now leave you with this awesome Batman TAS art.

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