Are girls or boys better at coding?

Whether girls or boys are ‘better’ at coding is kind of irrelevant to me. When it comes to my kids: Mr 9 has been learning to code (on and off) for about two years now, and I think it’s soon time for Ms 7 to start learning.

This is the future calling…

Code is the future — I’m 43 and, as a content writer, I have had jobs where it has been advantageous to know a little HTML code for dealing with parts of websites that can’t easily be adjusted in the Content Management System (CMS). Sometimes, you need to go straight into the code.

But, I’m ‘old’ and it’s far harder for me to learn to code than it is for a 7-year-old or a 9-year-old — to them, it’s just another language. And it’s a language that is ‘native’ to their world — these are kids who understood how to unlock an iPad before they knew how to pee on a toilet.

I’ve worked for tech startups, I’ve worked in non-profits and government departments — believe me, understanding code is becoming a ‘must have’ for an ‘over the hill’ 43-year-old writer.

JavaScript is the ‘new Japanese’

For our kids, JavaScript is the new Japanese; HTML is the new Hebrew; Node.js is the new Norwegian — you get the point.

It’s about priorities — maybe, like mine, your kids learn a musical instrument or maybe they attending acting classes or play a sport. All of these are important — but they are not the universal key to the future…

That’s learning to code.

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