Perhaps, if we look a little deeper, beyond our strategic accomplishments and definitions, we’ll see who we are without all the trimmings — free, alive, whole, and new in every moment.
No Name Attached
Meredith Hendrix

Between 2010–2014 I ran an award winning blog about health technology. But the more awards I won, the more speaking gigs I secured, the more people called me a 'guru' the more frustrated I became — so many empty accolades left me chasing​ the next hollow title, instead of focusing on doing real, tangible, hard work that paid bills.

So, on the surface, I 'achieved' a lot, but in reality I couldn’t hold down a regular paying job, I created all sorts of angst and worry for my wife, and I was so distracted by social media and blogging that I didn’t pay my kids the attention they needed and deserved.

It took me a long time to relaise that what I was doing was wrong. It took me a long time to free myself from my ego — but I did it, and I am much better off for having done that… I am focused on doing my job, I am focused on being an awesome dad and husband and for my hobby I get to write from my heart — what could be a better reward than that?

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