What’s the point of creativity?

If you are a Creative, what’s the point?

Of music, art, writing, song, poetry, sculpture, storytelling, film, sketching, painting, design, dance, animation, photography…


That’s it. Simple.

The point of creativity is to evoke emotion in others. Or maybe it’s to find a medium that acts as a conduit between the emotions of the creator and their audience?

I’ve outlined above some artistic fields that creators fall into. But, what’s an audience?

One person.

As creators we seek validation in eye balls — how many people have seen or listened to our work. How BIG can our audience get? All along we’ve been chasing the wrong metric.

One person.

Touch their soul.

Make them laugh.
Make them cry.

Make them angry. Make them high.

Motivate them to do something.

When your creation moves one person, when it gives them the courage to find, and act on, their own creative voice…

You’ve won.