Any industry with a broken set of unwritten rules leaves the incumbents susceptible to those who are willing to speak truth to power.
Going Full Tilt
Anthony Pompliano

Truth to power?

If by ‘truth’, you mean the latest posse of outlaw bandits to gallop through, hooving over laws, ethics and morals to become the next ‘power’ then .. you’re not really speaking truth, and you’re not even really gaining power.

Broken or unbroken, written or unwritten, rules accumulate because the vast if silent majority want there to be rules, and want them to be followed.


We don’t have industries any more, so much as kleptoneurs piling on top of each other in a worldwide race to hide vast volumes of cash from anyone them deem unworthy.

I note that the FTC website logo is a set of aces from a pack of playing cards. At a time of casino capitalism globally, it’s not the most reassuring imagery.