Come join our team at FloSports Orlando

Fun but not flashy. Small but great culture. Chill but passionate. Let’s build something cool in an energetic fast-growing startup.

FloSports is a crazy awesome, fast moving company in startup and growth mode. We work in the exciting world of live streaming video and with passionate sports fans who love our product. Our headquarters in Austin is vibrant and energetic and always moving.

Meanwhile… our little outpost here in Orlando, the former headquarters of my startup MileSplit (before FloSports acquired it two years ago), has a bit of that vibe and excitement but in a much more chill kind of way.

We have a really awesome small team of engineers that we are hoping to grow to a still small but larger team of awesome engineers. We chill out on the wrap-around leather couch sipping on coffee or Monster, while eating kiwis, with our feet on the coffee table coding, watching something hilarious on Netflix or YouTube together over lunch, or on a video conference with the Austin crowd.

We have our own private offices when we need to take a phone call or get in the zone… but we also have our social common area. We have a kitchen stocked with lunch, snacks and drinks for the week. Every Monday we make a group trip to Publix for some groceries together. We tell stories and jokes. We give each other a hard time, sing obnoxious 90s music really loudly at times, and throw an oinking pig toy at each other to lighten the mood.

We have deadlines and we take our work seriously. In fact, we take mutual ownership of the sprint and conquer it together when needed. Our people love to come into the office. We have regular WFH days and we hang out on days off as well. Grilling out. Helping each out. And giving Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and Whole Foods a lot of business as third office spaces.

We’re not flashy, but we love what we do and we value keeping a chill atmosphere and a reasonable work-life balance that respects its employees and understands that it is necessary to have happy, productive developers. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. No one is above reproach, there are no sacred cows, and feedback is a two-way street and always welcome.

If you’ve got some software engineering, DevOps, or web dev skills and you think this sounds like a good fit for you please send me your resume.

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