My reactions to using Tinder for the 1st time after 3 days of use

I wonder if everyone else reviews profiles this thoroughly? I’m really not good at discriminating on this thing.
Is she really “looking for a gang bang” or is that sarcasm?
She seems like someone that I might want to start a family with one day. *accidentally swipes left*
Tinder needs to have a “But who’s your friend though?” button.
This is bullshit.
I’m confused, her profile says she doesn’t like men.
I’m just going to swipe right automatically on any girl that has a picture of them doing outdoor things.
Why is there a “Super like” button? Should I be disappointed if I’m only “liked”?
Her profile says that she’d be my worst nightmare. Is that a challenge or a red flag?
Another bot.
She’s wearing a wedding dress.
I’m over this. I quit. No I’m not swiping anymore. Ok a few more.
She looks like the evil woman from the first Mummy film. *swipes right*
Her profile says that she likes intellectual conversations, dining at restaurants, and also likes her hair pulled. I wonder if she likes hiking? *swipes right*
She doesn’t have a photo and didn’t even write anything. So mysterious. *Swipes right*
I kind of want to go on a date with this Trump supporter so I can debate the shit out of her. And win.
Myers–Briggs Type Indicator test results everywhere. What goes well with an INFP?
That’s a picture of DJ Khaled
J. Cole was right about everything.
She probably eats for free all month.
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