Or: Ain’t nobody buying what you’re sellin’ after two beers and an hour of chit chat.

Overly ambitious, bro. C: Clem Onojeghuo

They heard about you from a friend, or maybe saw your picture on Facebook. “Cute,” they thought.

Then they ran into you at a bar, or a church, or a gym, or wherever.

You struck up a conversation, shared a little bit about yourself (mostly how great you are). They seemed interested. Ooh, chemistry!

You thought to yourself, “Now’s my chance!” So you got down on one knee and proposed right then and there.

“WTF, mate?!” they said. And then they ran away, utterly confused.

(And then you went home, drank a bottle of wine, ate a whole bag of…

Why your site should lead with what I’m getting, rather than what you’re doing.

Show me the dream. Credit: @jasonbcarr

So, I was browsing Greg Head’s amazing list of Arizona software companies the other day, and I noticed something that made my judgemental inner copywriter go crazy. Almost every site I looked at, there it was. I’d call it a trend, but it’s more like a pervasive issue. Possibly a plague. A plague of bad homepage messages.

To be fair, it’s not just Arizona startups that have the plague. It’s not even just startups. Agencies do the same thing all the time, as do other businesses. Lackluster leads are everywhere.

Note: I had cherry-picked some examples from local firms to…

Or, all the dumb crap you’re doing instead of what you should be doing which is sales. Starting with:

A Cool Name

Or any name for that matter, besides your own. You can just tell people, “I [insert your name here] provide [insert valuable product or service that people want like turtle shell cleaning or whatever].”

Offer your product or service now, name it later.

A Domain Name

Speaking of names, guess what else you don’t need? A domain! Be honest, how many times have you had some genius idea (probably after a few brewskis with your friends) and then thought to yourself: “I’m really going to do this!” So your next move was to spend all night hunting for a catchy, unregistered domain name…

Grand Canyon, North Rim, 9 Hours In — Oct 2015. Copyright Jason Carr

Last year I published a personal manifesto which I had shared in the January Sunday Assembly meeting. We did the same thing this year, and I prepared a new manifesto for 2016. This is it. Here’s the 2015 manifesto, in case you’re curious. I’m starting to think this might be a tradition.

By the end of this year, I will be different than I am now. In some ways inevitably, uncontrollably different. But in other ways, purposefully. It’s a project. I am. Struggle, stumble, fail, rise again. That is policy. Rise again. …

A personal manifesto

This piece was originally written in January of 2015. I read it in front of a small audience of like-minded and genuine folks at a Sunday Assembly meeting that month and have only now gotten up the guts to publish it for a wider audience. So, here we go.

I suppose you could call this a manifesto. When I sat down to write this, I let myself write what I felt. What came out is a more like a declaration and a confession, a rebel yell and a cry of…

Everybody knows that sex sells. You know what else sells? Fear.

Feces?! Sweet Jesus!

What makes fear so powerful?

We humans are risk averse, fearful creatures. And rightly so! After all, our collective birth place is infested with lions. Fear evolved as a way to jolt us into action, thereby preventing us from becoming food. But in today’s world, most of us don’t have to worry about giant carnivorous cats. Instead, we have to deal with the psychological predators infesting Madison Avenue. The same impulse that used to send us running up a tree now prods us to buy insurance.

What are we afraid of?

Pretty much everything!


The people who say that you can choose to be happy are almost right. But happiness is an emotion, and emotions are things that we don’t exactly control.

Just think about it for a minute. Let’s say that later today, someone calls you on your cellular telephone and tells you that your dearest family member has just died in an accident. You know what happens next. You feel an overwhelming wave of sadness and grief. These feelings, like happiness, are emotions. They will probably cause you to cry uncontrollably. Try choosing happiness in that moment of shocking sadness. You can’t…

You want to leave a dead end job. You want to walk up and say hello to someone you don’t know. You want to say yes. You want to get out of a terrible relationship. You want to start a business. You want to take that solo trip to Asia. You want to say no.

But you don’t.

Because you’re afraid.

Familiar situations are easy, because we know what to expect. But when we’re faced with the unknown our brains switch into panic mode and start generating worst-case scenarios. If I leave this job I will starve to death on the streets. If…

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