2019 was CHALKED full of BIG TIME announcements, mergers, new laws/regulations, and hot trends. I decided to revisit the year in real estate and use an “NBA Playoff” style bracket to determine who “won” 2019!

This concept was taken from The Bill Simmons Podcast episode. “Who Won 2019”, which you can watch here.

Picking the Top 16

I decided to start with the 16 biggest names in real estate from 2019. I’d like to think that I have a pretty good overview of the “macro” players in our industry, and that I’m a good judge of who had a “big year.” …

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! I love getting messages and calls from friends and family on thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, mostly since it’s also around the time of my birthday, which this year also happens to be today!

Here are just a few things that I’m grateful for today:

I’m grateful that my wife, Roxy, has been “crushing” this pregnancy so far. Not that any pregnancies are “easy” by any means, but I feel very fortunate that she didn’t have morning sickness, or any complications along the way. …

Pre MLS marketing is sometimes a topic of debate amongst the real estate community.

Advocates will tell you that creating a buzz around a property is essential to having the most interest once the property DOES hit the market. More interest leads to more showings, which potentially leads to multiple offers, which is extremely advantageous for a home seller.

Detractors will say that it’s unnecessary to “pre market” in a sellers market anyways, as buyers are already excited about everything thats hitting the market anyways.

I personally am a fan. I think that getting buzz generated early, and getting everyone…

Welcome to the holiday season! As we wind down 2017, and look ahead to next year, I break out my crystal ball to see whats in store for 2018.

1. Backed By New IPO Money, Redfin Will Continue To Grow Rapidly.

Redfin is certainly the “sexy” name in real estate right now. Clients LOVE the commission rebate program, and discounted listing commissions. In Q2 2017, the company saw revenue go up 35% year over year.

Coming off of a successful IPO in 2017, Redfin now has A LOT of cash, and will surely use that to expand their model into…

I am a huge fan of Twitter. On Twitter, you have the ability to follow celebrities, get instant notifications about breaking news stories, and interact with other like minded people across the world (in 280 characters or less).

One of the funniest hashtags is #momlife, where new moms share funny anecdotes about their day to day life with their bundles of joy. Here are a few of my favorites:

Exclusive Representation Agreements are a hot topic in the real estate world right now.

What Is An Exclusive Representation Agreement?

An Exclusive Representation Agreement is an agreement between a real estate agent and their buyer client on the purchase of a home. It commits the buyer to working with that particular agent exclusively on the purchase of their home.

Some agents will actually require that their buyers sign these types of agreements before going out and doing showings with their buyers. …

Selling a home is a HUGE undertaking. There is a reason that there is an entire industry of professionals that dedicate their lives to mastering the science (and art) of selling a home. But hiring a real estate professional is expensive, especially hiring a good one. Average commissions range between 5%-6% of the total sale price of the home, and is usually a 5 figure sum. For that reason, many homeowners will attempt to sell their home themselves, to save money.

It’s pretty odd to see a real estate agent offering up this type of advice, but, if you’re going…

This is the second in my “real estate case study” series. From time to time, I will write about a real world example of the success, or failure, of something that we talked about in a previous blog post.

What is an Escalation Clause?

I wrote about escalation clauses in a previous article. To sum it up, escalation clauses go along with an offer to purchase a home. A typical escalation clause will tell the seller that your offer is x, but in the case of a higher offer, it will “escalate” to x+y. These are especially useful in competitive, multiple offer situations.

Meet Daniel & Justine

So late…

Lately, I’ve been in the middle of a few discussions regarding Zillow, and how accurate the Zillow Zestimate is. Bottom line is that it’s not there to replace a CMA from a local agent, ESPECIALLY in a dense, urban area like Downtown San Diego.

What Zillow is great at though is providing a baseline or range based on recent comps of other Downtown San Diego Condos. Here are 3 of the best ways to get the most value for your Downtown San Diego Condo.

1) Talk with a Hyper-Local Specialist, A Downtown San Diego Realtor — There is no way…

Putting together a tailored marketing plan for a home sale can be difficult. There are a lot of things that are essential (professional photos, virtual tours, etc), and some things that are more on a case by case basis (aerial drone shots, magazine ads). So what about video? Does EVERY home listing need a video? What kind of video is best suited for your listing? Lets explore

Do I Need A Video?

In this day and age, yes. Your marketing plan should have some form of video content created for it. …

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