Can Social Media Sell My Home?

The short answer… YES! Now for the details.

As of now, there is no “Buy it Now” button on Facebook or Pinterest to buy a home. But what social media can definitely do it generate buzz for your home before, and once it’s listed.

Gone are the days of listing a home with a realtor, placing an ad in the paper and a sign in the yard and calling it a day. As with everything in sales and marketing, you have to live where the consumers attention is. Whether you’re going about your sale FSBO, or hiring a Realtor, here are some ideas that will help you utilize social media on your new listing.


Before I list a property on the MLS, I create an album on my business Facebook Page with a few of my professional photos and link that album to a landing page (capturing an email along the way) with all of the information (price, size, etc). I then promote that album to a targeted audience of renters and other homeowners in the 2 mile area surrounding the listing. By the time that I’m ready to list the property, I’ll be starting with multiple emails of interested buyers that I can reach out to.

If you can, have the homeowner also share the album with their network. They are likely the home’s biggest evangelists and often times, will have interested buyers within their own network.


Instagram was born as a photo app, so your content has to be visually appealing to win here. What a great way to show off those professional photos and amazing views from your new listing. Use an app like (Instagram’s own) Layout to create a photo collage of 3–4 photos and make sure to properly hashtag with relevant tags. You can encourage users to visit a landing page that you link in your bio, or even ask users to tag someone who would love your listing. Again, you’re already generating interest before your listing is even live.

Snapchat (And Instagram Stories)

While still a young platform, Snapchat is growing it’s userbase and demographic faster than any other notable social media app. The play with Snapchat is to give your followers a behind the scenes look at what goes into your marketing, the open houses, the prep work, etc. For as little as $5, you can also create a custom Snapchat Geofilter for your listings open house which encourages other visitors to snap photos of your home and share with their friends.


Another photo first app that can help get visibility to your new listings. Create boards for general things like “My Favorite Living Rooms” or “Amazing Views” and then add your relevant professional photos into your boards and create backlinks to your landing page with the property information and email capture.

What do you think about social media in the real estate industry in 2016? Is it just for the agent’s to brand themselves? Or is there actually a market for agent’s to display their listings and generate real traffic to the home?

This question was asked on Episode 2 of my Ask A Realtor web series. To watch the full episode, check it out below.

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