Crushing It!

Here’s the deal, you need to treat everything that Gary Vaynerchuk says as GOLD.

I’ve been a Real Estate agent in San Diego for 3 years now. Everyone tells you about the struggle that you’ll go through during the first two years in the industry, but I don’t think that you’re really ready for it until it’s upon you.

Mid-way through year number 2, I came across Gary. I immediately ready Crush It! and started soaking up the Youtube channel. Watched every #AskGaryVee Show, keynote speech, and made 1>0 an almost DAILY watch to remind myself that no matter how small my reach was at the moment, I had the ability to impact my audience.

In a basic “business 101” type move, I copied the shit out of the #AskGaryVee Show and started filming #AskARealtor on my YouTube Channel. I literally used the same format as Gary “on this episode… intro… etc etc.” By the end of that year I had filmed 9 episodes (nowhere NEAR the tally that Gary does) on everything from condo litigation, to FHA loans. Just one month after filming episode 1, I got a call from a homeowner that found my video on Google and wanted to talk about listing her condo that had some HOA litigation. She was so impressed by my video that I got the listing, sold it, and thanks to her recommendation, ended up with 4 more listings in that condo building. Had I been held back by my own thoughts (“no-one will see this anyways”, “video quality isn’t good enough”, “etc”) I would’ve never seen my business expand in the way that it did that year.

That alone should make me the biggest Gary V fanboy around, but wait… there’s more. Have you read Gary’s blog post on LinkedIn where he responded to 13 people on Twitter about Real Estate? (If not, read here: What an eye opener! I immediately took to Twitter and began using Twitter Search and jumping into conversations about San Diego, Real Estate, Condos in San Diego, Moving to San Diego, etc, etc. I wasn’t in there throwing “right hooks” mind you. I was welcoming people to the neighborhood, giving restaurant recommendations, etc. I came across a homeowner who mentioned that he couldn’t sell his condo and was going to try again in a couple of months. I reached out and got to the bottom of why, offered a few tips, and offered my email in case he every wanted to talk best practices or the market. I ended up selling that client’s condo and finding out that he also owned a large rental home nearby (that I’ll be listing this year!).

I still hear people say that “Twitter doesn’t work for business” or “you wont convert on YouTube”… To which I now say, “blame the archer, not the arrow.”

Gary Vee, keep up the good work my friend.

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