Real Estate Success Story: M2i #610

It’s almost ALWAYS a big win when we’re able to sell a condo listing BEFORE we get to the MLS. Our most recent Real Estate Success Story happens to be at M2i, in the East Village.

M2i (named as Market-to-Island) is a super urban loft mid rise in the heart of the East Village. We’ve listed homes at M2i in the past, and LOVE working in the building.

I had the pleasure of selling 1050 Island Ave #510 back in 2015. Our featured listing video of that sale got a lot of attention, and I was introduced to the seller of #610 after he saw our video.

We spoke at length with our client about how we were going to put his loft in front of the RIGHT eyes. We knew that the buyer of a smaller loft like his (552sq) would likely be a buy and hold investor, or a second home, and tailored a marketing plan to target those buyers.

With every listing, we hire our professional photographer to come in and photograph the condo. Professional photos are the most essential piece of the marketing puzzle, and cell phone photos just don’t cut it.

We incorporated Zillow into the pre-MLS plan, and had it listed as a “Coming Soon” property.

We also sent an email newsletter blast to our sphere of 100+ Downtown agents, who would be most likely to have the buyers that we’re looking for.

Lastly, we created and targeted Facebook ads to show in the news feeds of our target buyers. This tactic alone generated 5 property inquiry leads over just the first weekend.

We we’re supposed to list the property on the MLS today, 5/1. But through our pre-mls marketing efforts, we are actually CLOSING ESCROW on M2i 610 today! Our email blast alerted one of the agents in our Downtown sphere, who told his client about it and then she jumped on Zillow and checked it out. We worked with the tenant on a private showing and had a cash offer in hand a day later.

Deals like this happen a lot when you’re working with a team that understands the power of a tailored marketing approach, and is connected to their local market. -Jason

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