CavnessHR Update for April 12, 2021

This is our latest update on the progress of building CavnessHR.

At CavnessHR we deliver HR to companies with 49 or fewer people across the U.S.

Small businesses lose an average of $10,000 per employee per year because of bad HR. Small business owners are spending 25% of their time on HR. Time better spent taking care of their employee, customers and business.

At CavnessHR we are solving this by providing a voice enabled AI platform and HR Business Partner based on the location and industry of our customer.

The biggest news we have is that we have brought on 2 new CoFounders for CavnessHR.

One is Danielle Anneman —

Danielle Anneman has 20 years of film, Corporate and start up knowledge that she is bringing with her to CavnessHR. She has held instrumental roles in HR, operations and management at companies like Microsoft and WeWork and she has previous startup experience.

I have known her for about a year and we met during her time as the WeWork Veterans in Residence person in Seattle. She is going to help with all of the non-tech items for CavnessHR.

Next is Mario Mitchell —

Having served in the military, Mario learned to become a leader while perfecting his skills at design thinking and relation management. After getting out and entering the world of tech, Mario has been growing from there. He has used his skills to open a coding school to expand the tech community for everyone.

I have know Mario for about 2 years. We met through Bunker Labs as we are both City Leaders. Mario for Las Vegas and me for Seattle. Mario recently raised a good amount of money to start a coding academy in Las Vegas. Mario will handle all the tech related items for CavnessHR.

We launched a rewards based crowdfunding campaign for CavnessHR on March 2. We are doing a rewards based crowdfunding campaign to help us raise funds to continue the build out CavnessHR. Funds will cover tech, marketing, sales and misc CavnessHR items. We are also doing this as a way to continue to validate CavnessHR.

It would be great if you could donate and share at

So far we have had 67 people donate money to the campaign for a total of $6,315. Not close to what we were expecting to raise at this point. But we do have a little over two weeks left to meet our fundraising goals. People have been sharing and doing testimonials for us. So that has been great. We will continue to reach out across various social media platform and other methods to increase awareness of our campaign.

The crowdfunding campaign is paying off in other ways. For example, we have met with numerous potential clients. We have also met with some potential investors.

To help increase awareness of the crowdfunding campaign. We increased the times we pushed out our podcast from once a week to 3 times a week. We have also been on 7 other podcasts to push out the word about our crowdfunding campaign.

We continue to take part in David Meltzer’s coaching program called Road to Revenue. It provides weekly coaching assignments and access to his FB coaching group.

We were a finalist on David Meltzer’s Two Minute Pitch TV show. The show has contestants pitch for two minutes and receive feedback. To be honest, according to 2 of the judges we did not do well. So I don’t know how it is going to play out when it is shown on Bloomberg TV and Amazon Prime Video in June.

Having said that we did pretty much the same pitch at another event and everyone really liked it. Just goes to prove that pitching is like sending out your resume. You never know what the reaction will be. You just have to take the feedback and improve the next time.

We spend the last 30 days taking care of all our end of year requirements. Like filing taxes, sending in the required paperwork for being a Delaware corporation and other items. Or as I call these things the unsexy items of building a business.

We continue to meet people both to talk about our crowdfunding campaign and CavnessHR in general.

We received our initial money from NYU Future Labs. This was the money that was supposed to go to cover our housing while taking part in the program. But since they made it virtual, they decided to give it to us anyway. This is going to be a big help.

The intern provided to us by NYU continues to make valued contributions and he is a great help.

Another item provided to us by NYU Future Labs is free access to PitchBook for the year. For those of you with knowledge of PitchBook you know this can be very expensive.

The last few weeks we have been doing extensive research on PitchBook on potential investors. We have been able to “narrow” the list down to 115 potential investors in CavnessHR. Now we need to do a deep dive on them and start engaging with them.

As part of giving back I continue to help out at Bunker Labs by helping to mentor the Military Veteran Community Entrepreneurs in the Bunker Labs Seattle Veterans in Residence.

Finally, we want to remind everyone about the CavnessHR crowdfunding campaign. We are asking that you donate and share with your networks. You can go here to do so.

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