cavnessHR Weekly Updates

As with most things in life, this week was up and down for cavnessHR.

We received the intro/outro for our podcast and we are happy with it. 
 Below are the links to the audio. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

I continue to work on the podcast and make more refinements. I have the first 15 interviews confirmed. I believe you will be happy with the people coming to be on the podcast. It is my goal to have a podcast that will provide you lots of value. While also allowing you to learn from people in the small business, tech, startup and HR spaces.

It was a no go on the meeting with Trilogy Equity Partners. The goodness from that is I made myself do a draft pitch deck. Now I just have to continue to work on it and improve it.

We also started working on our business plan. I know most people will say don’t waste your time on this. That it is a thing of the past. But I am actually learning a lot from doing this. Doing a business plan forces you to go to a level of detail that makes you think about your vision. I had to figure out how many people I need to hire. How much money might come in and come out. I now realize that the prices I want to charge might be to low. So I need to relook my pricing strategy.
 Like everything else, I still have lot of work to do on the business plan.

I continue to refine the script for our video shoot for the BusinessImpact NW pitch competition.
 The video has to be 4 minutes or less. My part was 4 minutes by itself at first. Now I have it down to 2 1/2. I still need to go and see what else I can cut out. While still relaying the message I want to deliver.

The link to vote for the cavnessHR video will be available on Aug 25. Voting is Aug 25 to Sep 3. You can vote once per day. I will send out the link once I have it. It would be great if you would vote for the cavnessHR video. If it is deserving of your vote of course.

As part of getting myself ready for building cavnessHR. I took the Advanced Marketing Course with Neil Patel. I am a big fan of the course and I believe it brings lots of value. I am usually an active member on their FB group. So this week one of the people from Neil Patel asked if I would be willing to do a testimonial. I said yes and provided them one.

Now my testimonial is going to be on their website for all to see. You know that I threw in a mention about cavnessHR. So now I have a free ad on one of the most visited content marketing websites in the world.

The amount of time my two devs can spend on cavnessHR is going to decrease. School is starting up again soon for both of them. Then they are both working close to full time jobs. Then one needs to take care of some other things. So the amount of work cavnessHR will receive from them is going to be down to almost nothing. I still want them to be part of the team. But for now I need to find some more dev talent.

In an attempt to do this, I reached out to about 15 devs that either I know or we are connected some type of way. Three agreed to meet with me. So we will see how those meetings go. I also saw Ken Hang at a networking event. He is the software developer instructor at Green River College who linked me with the first three devs. He said he might have some options for me from the students at Green River. I am also going to start asking for recommendations for software development companies. I don’t want to go that route. But I want to go ahead and look at that option just in case.

I went to a meeting with Johannes at Bunker Labs Seattle
 BunkerLabs is a national not-for-profit 501 © organization built by military Veteran entrepreneurs to empower other military Veterans as leaders in innovation.

We talked about where cavnessHR is at right now and where we need help at and where I should focus our efforts. Johannes put things in perspective from a point of view I had not considers. So that was a big help. He connected me with some options for help with the continued build of the cavnessHR site. So that will be a great help.

Below is some startup advice from Mark Cuban. Do you agree with him? Why or why not?

cavnessHR provides HR to companies with less than 50 employees while transforming the HR Outsourcing industry.

Be Great Every Day!

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