No Motivation? There is power in your first step

Before going to bed last night, I put together a list of all the tasks I wanted to complete today.

I was going to work out, meditate, journal, stretch, create online content and read more of this great book I’m studying (The Book of Coaching by Anjit Nawalkha)

My head was racing with brilliant ideas, enthusiasm and expectation…until I woke up.

What the f%*# happened?

Misty eyed and zombified I stumbled out of bed with a “I don’t give a shit attitude”.

I wasted time on my phone, watched a short video or two, and sat there thinking that I’m better off just cutting my hopes and aspirations loose.

There is less emotional drainage if I simply reside myself to a life of conformity, I thought.

“Don’t think, just do”

…enter Gary Vaynerchuk.

My Facebook feed displayed one of @garyvee’s videos. And if I’m honest, I wasn’t in the mood for Gary’s wisdom; it’s the last thing I wanted.

My eyes, however, caught the words “don’t think, just do” and I just couldn’t let it go. It swirled around my head, annoying me like a fly with a death wish.

Taking the first step

The thought occurred to me that Gary might be onto something with this “don’t think, just do” idea.

You know what they say, 50% of the task is already accomplished simply by showing up.

I’ve also heard it said that time for fear is like oxygen for fire – it’s fuel.

So I cut off the fuel supply and starved myself of time to rationalise my way out of taking some action, I identified a task (filming a few videos) and did it.

I identified one step (just one) that I could take immediately?

I took the step…

And then I took another

Funny thing about that one step, once I took it I wanted to take another…and another…

Today I realised there is power in that first step, because once you take that first step you’ve overcome a massive mental hurdle. And once you’ve overcome a hurdle you don’t want to return to your prior state, you choose progress over defeat.

The result for me? I feel like I’ve had one of my most successful (and productive) days in a very long time, and to think it started with me not giving a shit.

Take that first step…it’s a powerful one.

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