it’s time for you to pay attention to ICP

If you aren’t learning what The Internet Computer is, you should be. Whether you’re an investor, developer, marketer, entrepreneur, non-profit leader, for-profit business owner, NFT collector, or crypto-enthusiast, The Internet Computer and DFINITY will rocket into the attention of the mainstream much faster than blockchain and crypto did.

Here’s why?

:: a decentralized internet

The Internet Computer moves the internet from centralized servers owned by big tech companies onto decentralized protocols interconnected by shared ownership. So what, right? What that means in simple terms is that users get to own and govern their internet. At least for the most part.

:: DApps or decentralized apps

Apps made on The Internet Computer will be easier and less expensive to build and maintain. Why? Multiple reasons, but two to highlight:

1 — easier to build and maintain because of the standardized software and coding concepts that don’t need third party integrations, like almost all current Apps need.

2 — less expensive to build and maintain, among other reasons, because security will not be expensive, due to its adaptive security. More on this in the next point.

:: identity and security

PAUSE AND TAKE THIS IN: you will not need usernames and passwords on The Internet Computer. Why? Because every user will have a registered identity with adaptive security linked to (a) each device they commonly use and (b) the touch or face identification unique to that device. Say goodbye to “forgot password” and losing that journal with that hidden page that lists every username and password you’ve ever had.

:: obscurity

Supposedly, because I think we are all skeptical of who’s listening, watching, and using our data to take advantage of us (or at least getting us to buy something impulsively that we don’t need), so I repeat supposedly we will all remain obscure on The Internet Computer. Our data won’t be collected and sold. We will see.

:: integrations and incentives

Get this: your socials, your finances, and all your online interactivity will be integrated together on The Internet Computer such that a shared economy is possible. In other words, you are incentivized for using it. Each of us get tokens and generate revenue TOGETHER as we engage.

:: cross-chain usability

It’s a little comical that all these decentralized crypto protocols ended up recreating centralized silos that struggle to exchange and interchange with one another. Until now. The Internet Computer will enable cross-chain usability. Every major protocol will be able to talk to each other, and true decentralization will be possible.

So, here’s an ALERT for every artist and influencer, every business and organization leader, every NFT creator and collector, every crypto investor and enthusiast — pay attention to The Internet Computer. Learn about it. Follow its various communities and related handles on Twitter and Medium. Find someone to help you use its resources and build DApps with its tech.

And you may want to invest in ICP, too. Not financial advice. Just notifying you of an opportunity, in my opinion, that is worthwhile.

Finally, this has been an attempt to make simple something that is actually quite complex, abstract, and so forward-thinking that it is dissimilar to the internet as we know it. Hopefully this helped. And if you want to dive deeper and learn more, check out this article from Messari further explaining The Internet Computer, Dfinity, its founders, and its possibilities.

by jason c dukes| co-founder of @getdecent_io

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