Advice to a Graduating Senior

How to live the life you dream

Today, for the first time in my life I can say honestly I truly understand what it will take to be successful.

I sat down with one of my old professors who was an extremely successful entrepreneur, before being an incredible professor.

I was interviewing him for my podcast (Shameless plug). I wanted to truly understand how to achieve a life of fulfillment and success. We got deep into conversation about work ethic, passion, determination and all the things that we know you need to be successful.

The discussion evolved and we actually delved deep into what those often overused requirements of an entrepreneur really mean. The actual requirements are far more extensive than I first thought. At points this guy worked over 100 hours a week, sleeping for 1 hour periods.

He risked everything over and over, he never stopped after failure and even when everything looked like going south he still continued to grind it out. That’s where he got where he is today.

He sits across from me and tells me that today he is doing what he loves and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

All of this background is so you can understand the magnitude of this man and his advice.

Our whole conversation was building to this moment, and it is my favorite question to ask. I said what advice would you give yourself when you were a college senior. He said something along the lines of I wasn’t ready to hear the advice I would give myself back then. Which is probably true for a lot of us.

He added but here is what I would tell my students.

1. Do what you like
2. Like what you do 
3. Do it well
4. There will always be jobs for people who like what they do and do it well

For many of us college seniors we might think, alright that is a load of B.S. we can’t do what we want, we can’t make money that way etc.

But for me, I see this as incredibly enlightening. If you truly break down any successful person in the world, you can’t say they achieved what they achieve because they just wanted to be rich.

Yes, money is great and wanting it, is not a problem. But entering into a venture because you want to be rich, will not lead you to success. It may work out, but on the 10th month of sleeping for 3 hours a night, do you think money will keep you going?


We must seek true fulfillment, and really follow our passions. That will lead us to a life of success. Doing what you like, doesn’t mean just playing video games and hoping the world will come to you. It means playing video games but figuring out a clever way to spin that into a money making opportunity. For example, make youtube videos, play in contests etc.

You won’t be able to do what you like all the time. But if you truly have a passion for it, the added tasks won’t be a problem.

We may not know exactly what we like or what we want, but that’s ok. We will figure it out and eventually, we can make something of ourselves. We need to understand that we have to commit to finding what we love, finding what we are good at and maximizing both.

It takes time, and college didn’t teach us everything, but we will be ok.
Find what you like, like what you do, do it well and the world will hold a place for you.

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