The Journey — document the shit out of it

If you want people to start listening to you, you have to show up. What I mean by this is there are a lot of you out there who aren’t producing enough articles or videos or pieces of content that you should be produced to build your influence. Gary VaynerChuk

The art of distinguishing yourself among your competition is beyond having creative/incredible content or a nice fucking ass. It is actually having the content in the first place.

At 22 I can hardly claim to know even a lick about business, sales or branding. However, I can push other people’s advice, information or thoughts and comment on them.

So I don’t need to exactly create anything, my life isn’t that exciting (yet). Creating content is incredibly hard and for people who actually blog professionally and don’t have incredible grammatical errors like me it’s even harder. They have to possess more creativity in a day then I do all year.

There lies the challenge of trying to be a presence on social media or the internet in general. Everyone is turned off because they don’t know what to say or what to do. Half the time I don’t either but anything is better than nothing right?

My content isn’t great (yet). It isn’t creative, it isn’t incredibly exciting (wow I am so good at sales). But it will be.

I am sure some people have heard the story of the two groups of students who had to create a pot in a ceramics class. One group had to create one incredible piece for an A. The other had to create as many as possible and if they met a certain quota they would get an A. The group that produced as many as they could ended up producing more and eventually a better product. Eventually with enough trying, practicing and nurturing your skills what you create will be good enough if not great.

That is the theory I am attacking here. Producing as much as possible putting my thoughts out there. Eventually, with practice I will be able to produce something great. I am not afraid to be ridiculed in this early stage.

Every bit of content I put out will be honest, true to myself and an expression of who I am.

The journey of social media isn’t about being the best. It is about showing who you are and what you do. This is interesting to people. Because we have all seen thousands of fucking ass pictures, thousands of nice cars and people living the good life.

But in all that who the fuck is that person. Hey, if I had a nice ass I’d show it off. But I don’t, all I have is my point of difference in this world. Whatever makes me I will show and portray. I can control how hard I work and who I am. The rest is the result of doing the best of those to factors.

I don’t know where the journey will take me or what it takes to make it. Or even anything that’s going to happen, or even if this shit is right. But I am just going to put myself out in the world and see how it goes!

In very simple terms, “documenting” versus “creating” is what The Real World and the Kardashians is to Star Wars and Friends. And don’t get confused — just because you’re “documenting” doesn’t mean you’re not creating content. It’s just a version of creating that is predicated more on practicality instead of having to think of stories or fantasy — something that’s very hard for most people (including myself). Gary Vaynerchuk