This is not a false story

“increasingly we become so secure in our bubbles that we accept only information, whether true or not, that fits our opinions, instead of basing our opinions on the evidence that’s out there. Without some common baseline of facts, without a willingness to admit new information…”

Increasingly the narcissism of human imagination limits humankind. The more you attach yourself to the narcissistic platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, the more you turn yourself inwards. While it may at this point make me seem like a micro manager, I’m really more let down by the fact that human potential is so limiting by these platforms.

Almost 10 years ago now, my friend recommended me Facebook. I replied, “why are you asking me to sign up for a thing that already shows me what I know?”

It bored me instantly. 10 years on and I don’t think I’ve gotten it wrong. Those who choose them are eaten up by themselves, and the only reasons why I’ve still got the platform is first, utilizing it as a contact book for communication to friends around the globe. Second, to advertise sights around the world through my photos and to publicize this article for you to read.

There is nothing wrong with individualism, but when it transforms into narcissism, a protectionist focus on yourself, your beautiful face or conservative ideologies, you turn yourself inwards, or as I like to call it, the consumption of bullshit (which turns you into an unattractive human being).

The growing fabrication of stories and in turn, the illusion of the self, has led to one of the sadly growing stories of this decade — migration.

What was thought to be a foregone topic has now resurfaced, bringing about sub-themes like race, ethnicity and gender up once again. I didn’t know that you could turn back time, but certainly mankind has proven it.

Some of the most vibrant places in the world has seen the highest rates of migration, it has brought Tikki Masala (a unique mixture of blended spices from India formulated for local taste buds in the UK), the Mediterranean quarter in Geneva and a whole lot of others.

Migration has been merely a word politicized by politicians, drumming up worries when there are more space in their country than talk supposes.

Difference is beauty, sameness is boredom

What politicians do so brilliant is by casting a binary between things. The most skilled utilize the us against them argument. Russia vs the US, Arsenal vs Chelsea, you against me, West against East… Humans work amazingly (according to psychological studies) when they cast a binary to things. That is their limitation, as the European integration project is slowly breaking up, or that the UN has failed to unite nations on key development issues. The idea of global citizenry can never take off as humans fail to connect to the idea of difference and multiplicity.

So should aliens come to planet earth, would you ask Russia only to deal with it? I believe that humans will react when a dictator unites humankind and pits humans against aliens, thereby the binary concept again.

The sad thing is this concept is used against migrants (when technically all of us are migrants and we have had some intermixing in our past heritage). The algorithms on Facebook, showing us what we want to see because it makes us feel at home, only increases the spread of conservatism throughout the world. How can you even use the idea of an algorithm, consisting of numbers, to dictate the content I like? It is an insult to human intelligence.

To sum up, the usage of binaries has created a single-minded community in humans, turning themselves into themselves, making nationalism and narcissism stronger than ever (and dare I say, humankind more foolish than ever). The mega companies of Google, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have monopolized knowledge and limited what humans should know. Now they know only of themselves. Individualism can only break the deadlock by embracing the difference it creates, and if you want to truly get out there, embrace nature, stop ever looking at social media (it has made me a million times happier in my life) and let your mind wander.

Reputation can be destroyed in seconds. Character lasts a lifetime. Stop cleaning your phones with your fingers, get out there show the world what you’re made of
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