Change in the Democratic Party

I’ve read several articles, browsed the headlines and what’s taken me by surprise is the continuation of blasts from Progressives and Democrats alike after losses in “Red” districts across the country. While I agree change is long, long overdue, we have to remember that these districts Democrats hoped to pick up are “blood-red” districts. I’m using the term, “blood-red” to describe not only the state of these races, but the pure hate of the GOP with their attacks on the working-class people and those most in need in our nation.

The truth is, Nancy Pelosi needs to go, Chuck Schumer needs to go, we just need new leadership in the Democratic Party Legislature. There needs to be more transparency from the DNC to the State Parties right down to our county parties. My beliefs are, and will continue to be a belief in transparency and taking a stand for what we Democrats believe in.

I commend our chair of the Michigan Democratic Party for taking many necessary steps to promote a more Progressive and transparent party. I’m still skeptical as most Progressives are, but I believe in giving people a chance to live up to their word and that’s what I am doing with Chairman Dillon. Tom Perez also deserves a chance to transform the DNC, however, that chance needs to be short-lived if we don’t make massive gains in 2018.

The MDP has created a plan called “project 83” which is a program that is set up to revive our party, like a phoenix from the ashes. I truly hope this program can take off and begin to prove to the voters that we truly are “The Party of the People” again. The volunteers, party activists and elected officials in our state need to also buy into project 83 in order for this to work. The time of complaining is over, we have a system in place where we can all work together to shape the party of the future here in Michigan, we just need to do the work.

I’m also finding that it’s difficult to overcome a lot of the old ways of thinking in politics. Truth is, as a chair of a local party, I believe we need to stand up for what we believe in to change our party and be more inclusive. The time for talk is over, it’s now time to act. Let’s get the show on the road and this can be summed up by Randy Bryce, Democrat running in Wisconsin’s first district, challenging Paul Ryan; “It’s time for a bigger table.”

Dems, it is time for a bigger table. Let’s roll.

Jason Chapman, Chair

Marquette County Democratic Party